Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Power Up with Powertools by Jayne Rylon

Personally, I love the Powertools series, read them all multiple times (yes even the new release, which drew the tears big time) Looking forward to meeting the guys introduced in the last book in the new series...Go Jayne!!!

The crew have spent ten years building their construction business along with their friendships… and more.  When they begin to find the woman of their dreams one-by-one they’re more than willing to make her fantasies come true before settling down.

Devon’s Pair

Will his boyfriend’s girlfriend become his girlfriend too?

Powertools, Book 4

James has watched each of the crew fall in love, one by one, until only he and his life partner Neil remain “unattached”. So, when he sees the way his bisexual boyfriend is checking out their new apprentice, he’s sure he’s doomed to lose the man of his dreams.

His love is strong enough that he would let go to ensure Neil’s happiness. Instead, sparks fly between the three of them—along with the rest of the crew—and he realizes he might not have to surrender because his boyfriend’s girlfriend is becoming his girlfriend too.
Product Warnings
The world’s first m/f/m/f/m/f/m/m/f…we think. You never know exactly what’s going to happen next when the crew gets back together, but it’s guaranteed to be steamy.
Nailed to the Wall
The crew is back and they’re dirtier than ever.

Powertools, Book 5

Five sexy men with a penchant for love and lust in any variation have formed a crew. They work hard and play harder—together. Though their partnership began in construction, renovating houses and selling them for a mint, they’ve formed a bond around their shared goal to provide women, and each other, with the ultimate sexual experience.

Over the past year, as each member discovered his soul mate—or two—they expanded the reach of their circle, lighting up their nights along with their souls. Monogamous relationships and the desire to start families threaten to put their libertine revelry on the back burner. Will the passion that bonded them fade away? How will the new crew wives cope with the complex relationship the men will always cherish and crave?

Determined to prove they stand by their men, the women decide it’s time to flex some muscle and give the crew a dose of girl power. They collude to take the guys as their horny hostages, using some big guns: boudoir photos, a pillow fight and a calculated foray into partner swapping. But will they have the guts to go through with their plans? 
Product Warnings
By Book Five in this series, fans will attest that anything goes in the crew. Be prepared for ménage in every flavor—m/f, f/f, mfm, fmf, and more—along with a slew of that's what he said jokes. No throwing tomatoes at the author, please! 

          Hammer it Home NEW RELEASE 8/14
When times get tough, the tough stage one scorching-hot intervention.

Powertools, Book 6

Morgan is happy that her best friend Kate is expecting the crew’s littlest member, but helping renovate a room for a nursery is more than she can bear. Baby furniture and pastel paint are a painful reminder that she and Joe can’t—and will never—conceive. There’s no hiding it from the rest of the close-knit crew, either.

True to their unique brand of love, the gang rallies to find a non-traditional solution to alleviate their friends’ suffering. Not with a cold, clinical visit to a sperm donation clinic, but delivering it the old-fashioned way. With a healthy dose of searing passion.

But soon after Morgan’s scorching hot night with her husband’s four best friends, an accident threatens the life of one of those men. The challenges that lie ahead will test the crew’s powerful bond to the limit—and their long-standing promise to take care of each other through good, bad, and sexy times. Whatever it takes…
Product Warnings
Not everything in life turns out as planned, but with love all odds are surmountable. Especially when those odds include five hot construction workers on your side. Contains m/m/f group ménage scenes.
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  1. I have read all the books in the Power Tool series. They are full of HOT men who love their power tools. They make their women feel well loved and protected. If you want to read something good, I definitely recommend this series

  2. I love a man who knows how to use his tools. Gotta read these.

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  3. Thanks for the spotlight! This is a fun series

  4. I have some catching up to do! I just got Kate's Crew! What could be better than 1 hot guy....5!!!

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  5. Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaways! This is so much fun! Thank you!

  6. I love Jayne's storytelling.

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  7. Lost track of the exact m's and f's in the configuration, but it sounds HOT nonetheless!


  8. What a great way to overcome an infertility problem!

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