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Warm Up the Night with Laura's Light

Today is a Book Blast for Donna Gallagher's new Contemporary Erotic book that just released yesterday, Laura's Light. Because this is a Book Blast, there is no interview or blog post, but I do have the author's bio, a blurb and excerpt, and a list of all the blogs on the Book Blast today. Donna will be awarding a $50 Amazon GC to one random commenter on the tour, so please be sure to leave your e-mail address when you visit.

Sydney-born Donna Gallagher decided at an early age that life needed be tackled head on.
Leaving home at 15 she supported herself through her teen years.
In her twenties she married a professional sportsman, her love of sport -- especially rugby league -- probably overriding her good sense.

The seven-year marriage was an adventure. There were the emotional ups and downs of having a husband with a public profile in a sometimes glamorous but always high-pressure field. There were always interesting characters to meet and observe and even the opportunity to live for a time in the UK.

Eventually Donna returned home a single woman, but she never lost her passion for watching sport, as well as the people in and around it.

Now happily re-married and with three sons Donna loves coffee mornings with her female friends, sorting through problems from the personal to the international. But she's on even footing with the keenest man when it comes to watching and talking rugby league.

Donna considers herself something of a black sheep in a family of high achievers. Her brother has a doctorate in mathematics and her sister is a well-known sports journalist.

An avid reader, especially of romance, Donna finally found she couldn't stop the characters residing in her imagination from spilling onto paper. Naturally rugby league is the backdrop to her League of Love Series, published through UK publisher Total-E-Bound, spicy tales of hunky heroes and spunky heroines overcoming adversity to eventually find true love.






Blurb for Laura's Light

Forty-two- year- old single mother Laura Harris devoted more than half her life to raising her son. She remembered the concept of having sex but it had been aeons since she’s actually been a participant - especially with a real flesh-and-blood partner. But it’s time to reclaim her life. Her son is a man now. And the rising star of the Jets rugby league team. Their future is brighter than ever and, for the first time, financially secure. But Laura is starting to think agreeing to have dinner with Trevor Hughes could be biting off more than she can chew. Not that she can’t see herself taking a nice big chunk from the absolutely gorgeous thirty-four-year-old sports commentator’s rump, he’s one prime piece of masculinity! She just isn’t sure how or when the whole sex thing will become an issue. She can’t even get past the what-to-wear step. Let alone the when-to-take-it-off stage…

Trevor Hughes usually avoids the woman with substance - he has enough of his own demons to deal without trying to care for anyone else. But there’s something about the upbeat, sexy, one-woman-dynamo Laura Harris. The woman is pure sunshine and happiness. And that’s surprising when you look at what life has handed her. Nothing seemed to dampen Laura’s spirits and she quickly becomes someone Trevor needs in his life…Until misunderstandings come between them. Can Trevor put things right?

Excerpt from Laura's Light

Trevor thrust hard, pounded into her relentlessly. The muscles she clung to in his back tensed, and even though he was wearing a condom Laura swore she could feel his seed, the warmth of it as it flooded into the protective latex skin that covered his penis, buried deep inside her. She drew her finger nails down his back, knew that the scratch mark would mar his skin, but she didn’t care. She wanted to mark him. Claim him. And it was that thought that brought her crashing back to reality. She had just had sex with a relative stranger on a first date. No promises made.

“My God, I’m acting like a tramp.” Laura didn’t realise she had voiced her thought until Trevor raised his prone body, placed his hands on either side of her face as he took his own weight on his elbows.

“Never. Don’t say that. I refuse to let you think like that. I’ve wanted you from the first time I set eyes on you, Laura. You were at the club after Rookie’s first-grade debut. It was the colour of your hair that caught my eye. You were standing next to Rookie, then you smiled—it shone like a beacon, lighting up the room. At first I thought you were with Rookie. It wasn’t until Brodie mentioned later on that you were his mother that I knew any different. Even then, I couldn’t believe that you were anywhere near old enough to be his mother. I still don’t. You must have been just a babe yourself when you gave birth. You are not a tramp. This is not dirty. What we just experienced, Laura, is something special. You are special, and I will never think of you any other way.”

Laura was so moved by Trevor’s words that her heart nearly burst with joy, but in her mind a niggling voice cautioned her. Trevor had mentioned her age—well, not specifically, but the fact she was no spring chicken was not lost on her. How long could she expect him to desire her when he was so many years younger, still had his life ahead of him? She was certain Trevor would never find himself short of younger female attention, even without the notoriety of his career. The man was sin on two legs. What right-minded female wouldn’t want him between her thighs?

Laura would have to be careful that she didn’t do or say anything that would portray her as a needy, clingy female, that she didn’t do anything to scare Trevor away. She thought that maybe if she remained aloof, in it for the joy of sex with no strings attached, she could keep Trevor interested for a while longer. It was up to her to protect her heart along the way.

Now I really want to read this one-could that be any hotter, I ask you? I just love older woman stories...maybe because I am one, you think???

Below is the list of blogs on the Book Blast...I think I will buy this one as a belated birthday gift...for me, of course.

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Mary Hughes Changes Pace (and Nary a Vamp in Sight)

As everyone who knows me understands, I am a huge Mary Hughes fan, and absolutely adore her Meiers Corners books. All those yummy vampires and decidedly twisted humor are things I look forward to with each new book. Now, Ms. Hughes has given us a new story, but not one set in Meiers Corners, and nary a vamp in sight, as far as I can tell. But The blurb and excerpt posted here do show that her absurdly skewed humor is intact, and as strong and as funny as ever. I can't wait to read this marvelous book, and it is definitely on my wishlist already.

Mary is giving away a winner's choice of Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite (with special offers), Nook Simple Touch, or Nook Simple Touch with light, up to $120 in value. Winner will be chosen from the complete tour, so follow the tour and enter at each stop to better your chances of winning. Winner will be selected by Rafflecopter.

I did a brief interview with Mary, via the internet, and she was gracious enough to answer some questions for me, and what's up now are her answers to my questions.

Thank you, Nancy, for having me back!

This seems to be a new road for you. Why the different direction?

Actually, the first novel I wrote, titled Novel 1 (which is now Hot Chips and Sand, I’ve come a long way :) ) was a contemporary romantic comedy. In some ways I’m just coming back to my roots. I've also been wanting to write something I can send to my husband’s family for Christmas. I just couldn’t picture my mother-in-law reading some of my Biting Love sex scenes. Lol.

Will this be a series, or just a one off?

I have another unconnected contemporary romantic comedy started about a media superstar, his supermodel ex-girlfriend and her twin sister, a woman who’s had a crush on the man for years and who tries to fit into his world with not much success, tentatively titled A Billionaire for the Wrong Sister. I’m really having fun, putting the heroine into fancy dress and having her stumble on her unfamiliar high heels into the hero’s lap.

Where did the idea for this come from; can you share?

Sure! One of the lines from my five-line pitch is “Edie’s passionate about workers’ rights, which gets her in trouble with sexy CEO Everett Kirk.” The story is my own experience as a child of the 60's finding a job in the 80's, the humorous clash of hippies meeting the material world. When I was living through it, it was difficult, personally facing the struggle of my grassroots ideals versus feeding my family and getting ahead in my career. Just as Edie does in the story, I had to go through a lot of conflict to find the right balance. But looking back I can see just how funny some of it was, and I used that in to spur the bickering banter between Edie and Everett.

What is your definition of Romance-what does that bring to your mind?

Eek. I was lousy at definitions in school. Lol. I know that, for a lot of people, romance is that first flush of giddy attraction. I’m a head-hand-heart sort of woman, and I approach life by trying to balance my reason, physical needs, and emotion. So for me, romance should be with someone I can talk with, be physically attracted to, and trust with my heart.

Unfortunately my heart grabbed me and slammed me to the mat and said “This guy.” Fortunately, the rest followed, although it took a lot of work. ☺

When I write paranormal romance it’s from an ideal perspective, the hero and heroine are soul mates whose careers and minds mesh perfectly, kept apart by outside forces or their pasts. With contemporary, I have more leeway.  I can have them be attracted but not instantly soul mates, so it’s more a story of their coming together.

What is one secret you can reveal that no one knows about you?

Ooh. Dark secret or light secret? Dark secret (at least I don’t talk about it much on the Web), my mom died when I was 16 and it’s colored my entire life. Light secret, I dye my hair. Not because I have gray, but because it’s a guy’s gray and I have f**ing wings. How embarrassing is that?


I’m serializing Hot Chips and Sand

Edie Rowan is passionate about workers’ rights, wanting her Sixties protester grandparents to be proud of her. But championing the little guy gets her in trouble with sexy CEO Everett Kirk. Kirk is Mr. Ultra-Executive with his expensive hand-tailored suits and his eyes the steel blue of a finely tempered sword—but for the intriguing contradictions of his neat ponytail and square workman’s hands.

Edie’s latest disaster, a teambuilding exercise gone facepalm wrong, leads to a knockdown drag-out with rival manager Bethany “The B”—or add the “Itch”—Blondelle. The incident is the last straw for Kirk. He sends Edie to management camp and to her shock, announces he will drive her there himself. She wonders why he would want eighteen hours of enforced intimacy with her, even as she’s dazzled by his sparkling white smile and killer dimple.

Everett walks away from the confrontation with a headache. For years he has protected Edie from the fallout of her righteous crusading, but this may be the last time. A corporate backstabber is trying to eject Everett from his job. Even so, he’s looking forward to spending time on the drive with Edie, attracted to her sunny red curls, fiery personality and fine dark eyes.

Then a snowstorm forces them to seek shelter in an empty mountain cabin. Edie thinks she will take the lead in wilderness survival but Kirk proves more durable than his Italian loafers and silk sweater would suggest. The extended stay rubs them together in all sorts of ways, kindling emotional and physical flames. But when their corporate shells burn away, what secrets will be revealed?

An excerpt from

Edie and the CEO

Copyright © 2013 Mary Hughes All rights reserved — a Crimson Romance publication
Edie wants to make her 60's protester grandparents proud. But championing the little guy gets her in trouble with sexy CEO Everett Kirk. Someone's trying to force Everett out of his job, and Edie's latest escapade hasn't helped. A snowstorm and an empty cabin makes them confront their attraction.

Chapter One
Smack in the middle of the workday, because her brain was fried, Edith Ellen Rowan made her computer chirp Old MacDonald. Naturally that got her into trouble with The Bitch.
At first, Edie didn’t even register the problem. Four sunny bars bee-booped before it hit her—her computer was playing a children’s nursery song in an office full of conservative, nitpicky ears. Houghton Howell Enterprises was staid like an insurance company’s gray suit (fun was something you had on the golf course, or once a year at the Christmas party, but never ever on the job).
“Suck it to shell.” Edie hit the escape key. As ee-eye-ohhh died, she braced against the proverbial fan scattering the proverbial manure in the form of Bethany Blondelle, known to most of the company as The ‘B’ if they were feeling kindly, adding the ‘itch’ if they were not.
Shoulders hunched and breath held, Edie waited. She’d only been trying to motivate her people. Managing a team of programmers at HHE, a firm that sold innovative (read: expensive) solutions in accounting for large companies (read: deep pockets) wasn’t easy. Her team members were getting as fried as she, and so she’d proposed the music-writing contest.
Nothing happened. Edie gradually relaxed.
The Star Spangled Banner burst lustily from Jack’s cubicle next door. Edie groaned.
“What the HELL is that NOISE?” Bethany had her vocal caps lock on again. This would be bad. “Who’s making all that racket? Edie? Edie!”
Edie face-palmed. The contest was supposed to be a bit of fun, not cause for Armageddon. She’d have preferred to ignore The B, but “Bethany” and “proactive” were so synonymous they were hyperlinked on Wikipedia.
Sure enough, a long leg popped through the opening of Edie’s cubicle, followed by the lady herself in eye-bleeding red. Bethany’s fashion sense was from the DoMeHard channel. Her snappy skirts were hemmed just below her panty line. Today’s suit also featured a plunging sweetheart neckline, a chunky citrine necklace getting suffocated in her Wonder-enhanced cleavage. Her long, sleek hair was dyed crayon yellow #6.
Edie looked down at her own lacy teal tee, navy pants and wool blazer and wondered if she was underdressed.
“What is the meaning of this racket?” Bethany leaned on Edie’s desk, looming over her. Invading personal space—“A” in the ABCs of corporate dominance.
“Project Pleiades. We had a month to deadline—until your good buddy Junior chopped that to a week.”
“Respect, Edie. Mr. Howell, not ‘Junior.’”
“I’ll respect Mr. Pharaoh Howell when he respects the workers. That deadline is a nightmare. My team has been working twelve-hour days and more. I’ve tried to push back, but you know Junior. Only the Evil Overlord can buck him.”
“Stop it.” Bethany tossed her head, a fleeting remnant of the girl Edie once knew. “The issue is not our executives. The issue is that...racket.” She waved her hand toward Jack’s cubicle, where the anthem was on its final verse.
“Handling Stress 101, Bethany. Work on something else.”
“Playing music on company time?” Bethany glared down her high-bridged nose.
“Stupidity 101. You should listen to me if you want to go anywhere in this company.” She pointed to her cleavage, fingertip disappearing to the first knuckle. “After all, my team’s twice the size of yours.”
“Bigger isn’t better. It’s all about how you use it.” Edie grinned. “How about you run your team and I’ll run mine?”
“You don’t run your team.” Bethany sneered. “They run you.”
“It’s called empowerment.” Edie took pride in her outspoken team. She wanted her grandparents, hard-core sixties protesters, to be proud of her. They’d raised her from a little girl when her parents had died, and she loved them to pieces. “It’s a proven management style.”
Jack’s computer shifted to A Hundred Bottles of Beer.
“Management?” One corner of Bethany’s perfect lips curled. “The only management I
see is mis-management.”
“Ba-dum-bum.” Edie was suddenly tired of the whole conversation.
And, as Jack’s computer continued to tweet bottles down, doubt gnawed at her. It was quite a racket.
“Other people are trying to work.” Bethany went for the kill. “Keep your hooligans under control or I’m going to have to tell Mr. Kirk.”
Edie suppressed a moan. Of all the straight-laced overbearing big shots at HHE, Edward Everett Kirk, president and CEO, was the biggest, straight-laciest. Like laced corsets...naughty corsets in Kirk’s competent hands—
“The way you two fight, it’s only a matter of time before he gets fed up and fires you.” Mme La B’itch drew a red-enameled nail across her slim throat.
Edie winced. “It’s called ‘corporate unfriending’ now. And I couldn’t help the janitor incident. Or the thing with the Super Soaker. Look, I’ll talk to my people. Just cut us some slack, okay? We’ve been working ridiculous hours.”
“Edie, you idiot. Has it ever occurred to you that your ridiculous hours are because of you?”
Them’s fightin’ words. Edie raised narrowed eyes. “I beg your pardon?”
Bethany leaned knuckles on the desk. “Only one kind of project manager confuses effort with efficiency: a bad one.”
“Enough.” Edie jumped to her feet, nearly head-butting Bethany. “Outside. Now.”
“And freeze my butt off? Hardly.” Bethany’s nose was inches from Edie’s. “You have absolutely no decorum, do you? That shouldn’t surprise me, considering the hippies who raised you.”
Edie lost it. “My grandparents were heroes! They fought for what they believed in, rallied at protest marches—”
“Pretty stories. Your grandpa was a long-haired unwashed bum. Your grandma wasn’t much better than a free love hooker.”
Edie snarled. “Now you listen here, you b—”
“If Mr. Kirk were here—”
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This Just Out...Wolf Nip

Today is the release date for book six in Vivian Arend's Granite Lake Wolves series, Wolf Nip, and it is a delightful and hot tale of wolves and cats and love and lots of fun. Wolf Nip is the story of Tessa, the friend of the heroine in book five and one very hyper cat she is. I always enjoy Vivian's wolves, and this is no exception. Yes, I was privileged to get a copy before release, and I enjoyed it a lot. It has the same sassy females and hot and hunky males that all of Ms. Arend is known for, and there is humor, romance and lots of wooing on tap.

Cat got your tongue?

Granite Lake Wolves, Book 6

Tessa Williams is looking to make her mark outside the family business, and the unusual landlocked paddle wheeler she spots in Haines, Alaska, strikes her as the perfect location. Only the owner is being difficult, refusing to sell. Still, she’s sure that replacing her written queries with a little in-person charm is all she’ll need to shortly have her Eco-tour B&B on the road to success.

Local wolf-slash-owner of said vessel, Mark Weaver, isn’t hanging on to the landmark building out of spite. There are more reasons for holding back the sale than are easily explained on paper. A face-to-face meeting to resolve the matter only confounds it—when Mark recognizes Tessa as his mate.

But she’s a cat...and cats don’t do insta-mates.

The sexual attraction between them isn’t in question, just everything else. He wants her. She wants twue wuv. His wolf can’t figure out what the holdup is. Her cat thinks the entire situation, and the pack, are rather amusing.

Somewhere in here is the beginning of a beautiful relationship—if they don’t drive each other mad.

Product Warnings
One hyper cat, one laid-back wolf. Inappropriate use

of permanent markers, and a heaping side dish of 

cat/dog jokes. Shenanigans (read: nookie) in front of 

a roaring fire. Spiced liberally with sarcasm. Enjoy! 


What a warning! This is a fun look at how two opposites (and face it, wolf and cougar couldn't be more opposite, right?) discover that when love enters the mix, things aren't so different after all. 

Tessa Williams is the best friend of Keri, the wolf shifter from Wolf Line, and is a hyperactive cougar. What she has discovered is that she wants to make her mark in the world, and knows it isn't going to happen working for her family's successful cruise line. First of all, she gets seasick so cruises would be torture. And her dream is to operate an eco-friendly Bed and Breakfast for families, and she thinks she's found the perfect property for it. Too bad she doesn't know about the legal ties involved. When she meets the owner, Mark Weaver, she thinks he's cute, while Mark knows instantly that she is his mate. As he explains the legal situation, he comes up with an alternative to her outright purchase of the old paddle-wheel converted to a home that she wants. She agrees to his idea, sort of, but Mark realizes one thing; although wolves know instantly when they have met their mate, cats have no such instinct, and he has his work cut out wooing Tessa.

I love this one. There is so much sexual tension, I can almost see Mark clenching his fists through this one when he is around Tessa. Mark is strong, handsome and honest, and very determined to take things slowly to earn Tessa's love. As he spends more time around her, things get harder on him to not just grab her and mate (yes, the pun is intended here). I love Mark for being patient, and showing his love for Tessa in the little things; listening to her ideas, working to bring her dream to her, supporting her ideas without pushing for what he believes she isn't ready for.

And Tessa. She is such a dynamic and clueless cat. She tells Mark cats don't do the insta-mate thing, and she wants, to quote Tessa, 'twue wuv'. I wanted to smack her once it became obvious, by actions if not in words, that Mark was showing her every day how he felt, working so hard to fulfill her dream for the bed and breakfast, and never once pressuring her for more. I was delighted when Keri finally stepped up and gave her a verbal slap in the head about it.

There is a totally hilarious scene at the Granite Lake pack house gathering, when Tessa sort of claims Mark in front of a very aggressive female wolf (and the rest of the pack) without bloodshed or fighting. And I adore Mark's grandfather in this; he is just one more indication of Mark's caring nature. I love the way Ms. Arend builds the sexual tension in this one, and you know throughout the story, when these two finally do the deed, it will be explosive. 

Wolf Nip is the perfect addition to the Granite Lake series, and I recommend it to all those Granite Lake fans out there, and to those who have never read these...what are you waiting for?????


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Take a Cruise on the Wolf Line

Tomorrow marks the release of Vivian Arend's sixth book in the Granite Lake Wolves series, Wolf Nip, over at Samhain Publishing. Today, I want to take a look at book five, Wolf Line, as it is one near and dear to my heart. No, it doesn't include my favorite wolf, TJ, but it does mark the book where Ms. Vivian added me (sort of) to the Granite Lake Pack. I feel honored by her inclusion, and will uphold the pack and its members faithfully. Even if I don't get furry at any time, deep in my heart the wolf still howls. Arwhoooooo!!!!

First, a blurb for Wolf Line, then I'll tell you what I thought.

Into the best-laid plans a little chaos must fall…

Granite Lake Wolves, Book 5

Jared’s not sure how his quiet morning coffee near the harbour ended with him on a cruise ship impersonating one of his pack mates. Well, it might have something to do with a woman, but who can blame him? The female of the species was made to love, and he’s more than willing to share his considerable skills in that area. Especially since he figures the chances of meeting his own one-and-only are slim.

Keri Smith is positive the last-minute recruit sneaking aboard the Arctic Wolf Cruise Lines tour is her mate. Ix-nay on confirming that, though, at least for the next ten days. She’s promised her best friend to be overall troubleshooter for the shifter-only cruise. Getting tangled up in mating lust would reduce her skills to nil. Avoidance of the sexy wolf for the duration of the cruise, followed by jumping his bones, seems the logical solution.

But when libidos are on the line, “logic” and “wolves” don’t go together. Throw in suspicions of wrongdoing, and these two virtual strangers will need a lot more than luck to find their way through to forever.

Product Warnings
Really? You need to be warned about the hot nookie and sarcasm? Yeah, it’s in here. Also colourful cat shifters, lupine royalty, and wild adventures in cabins like you’ve never seen before. 

As I said earlier, this one is very special to me. Having said that, it is time to give you my honest opinion of Wolf Line.

Wolf Line is a whirlwind of fun and activity, set on a shifter only cruise ship. I loved that Vivian came up with a way for the supernatural beings, be they wolves, cats or other shifters, to let loose and be comfortable while relaxing in either form. This one is filled with Ms. Arend's signature humor, but she has added a few twists of mystery here. And there is also some chaos, a side of confusion, and a bit of a revelation or maybe even two.

Jared is such a fun character, convinced that he will never meet his mate, due to a physical 'disability' of sorts, and spends his life romancing every available female he can. This is what finds him posing as one of his pack mates on board the luxury cruise ship, and his timing in trying to avoid getting caught by the brothers of his latest 'date'. 

Keri is a real sweetheart, and completely confused. She is positive that 'Mark', the new maintenance worker, is her mate, but he doesn't seem to recognize her as such. I like Keri's determination to get through the ten day cruise before solving the puzzle, and her frustration when she can't stop the mating hormones from kicking in. 

When Jared finally discovers that Keri is that most elusive creature, his mate, he is ecstatic, but realizes there are a couple of really big problems ahead...he has been a bit less than honest with everyone about who he really is, and then of course, Keri thinks he is 'Mark, the maintenance guy'. As he finally reveals the truth to Keri, they still need to solve a few other mysteries on the cruise, Keri needs to keep her friend Tessa from completely losing it, and Jared has to figure out how to come clean with his pack Alpha.

There is a lot of laughter in this one, along with some screaming hot and sexy passion between Jared and Keri. I enjoyed seeing some of my old friends here, even though it was just a brief appearance at the beginning and the end of this one. I will say that this may be the most fun I had while fully dressed and alone, and I do want to warn you, you may end up laughing till you cry with Jared and Keri.


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Saffron Nights - A Delicious Romance

Today is the Super Book Blast for Saffron Nights by Liz Everly, an Erotic Romance available today from eKensington. No interview or blog post, but I am posting the author's bio, the blurb and an excerpt. I am also adding the links to the other stops on the book blast, to increase your chances of winning the prize Liz is awarding. What is that prize, you are asking?

Liz will be awarding organic saffron and cedar bath gel and handmade soap to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour (US ONLY).

Now, without further ado, is Liz Everly, and Saffron Nights!

Liz Everly is a passionate cook, writer, and traveler. Exploring food and romance in Saffron Nights, Liz ombines her lifelong love of action-packed romance with her culinary expertise. She loves to interact with readers. Please follow her on Twitter @Lizeverly1, check out her website http://www.lizeverly.worpress.com. You can also find her on Facebook and blogging at http://www.ladysmut.com.

Link to Amazon Page: http://www.amazon.com/Saffron-Nights-ebook/dp/B009T9SCDU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354634050&sr=8-1&keywords=Saffron+Nights

Link to eKensington: http://ekensingtonbooks.com/

BLURB for Saffron Nights:

Wherever they travel, there’s an aphrodisiac waiting to whet their appetites…

Brazil…Hawaii…India….As a food writer, Maeve has just been handed the hottest opportunity of her career. She’s being sent on an international research tour for an aphrodisiac cookbook. The downside is that she has to travel with rock star photographer and womanizer Jackson Dodds. And the upside is that she has to travel with Jackson Dodds. Because once they meet, Maeve understands why he’s been named “America’s Most Eligible Bachelor”—and despite her best intentions, all she can think about is putting their arousing recipes to the test…

Sexy and talented, Jackson can have any woman he desires. But lately, the thrill is gone—until he lays eyes on Maeve, who exudes sensuality like no one else. She’s determined to keep things professional, but he knows the attraction is mutual. And as they travel the world, sampling warming saffron, juicy papaya, silky avocado, rare herbs and teas—and a mushroom whose very aroma sends women to heights of ecstasy—both discover a hunger they’ve never known, and don’t want to resist, even amid unexpected danger…

Excerpt from Saffron Nights:

“Here’s something interesting.  In late Hellenistic Egypt, Cleopatra used saffron in her baths so lovemaking would be more pleasurable,” Maeve interrupted the quiet.

The word lovemaking caught his attention, swirled around in his mind for a moment. They had called a truce of a sort. But he couldn’t help but remember—it was just a few nights ago and she was sitting right next to him. Her lips parted, her head tilted, deep in thought. What was she thinking?

“Hmmm,” he said, though lovemaking was really the only word his ears picked up on.

She opened Chef’s book and leafed through its now even more ragged pages. “Part of saffron’s magical property is the enhancement of “lust.” Given that the medical findings show saffron as a substance capable of affecting the neurotransmitters, perhaps saffron may in fact be an aphrodisiac. Its ingestion is found to be a soothing relaxant capable of lowering blood pressure and stimulating the respiration. Perhaps, it could also contain properties that stimulate the libido and the erogenous zones. Some attest to its sexual properties that they believe is most effective when used by women. SB’s favorite. I assume SB was a woman.”

“I’m seeing a theme here, are you?” Jackson said.

“Yes, Chef was mostly interested in what the substances do to women,” she said and smiled.

“It does seem that way,” he managed to say, then went back to his computer screen. “Whoa,” he said. “Now this is interesting. The most a man paid to have Sasha for evening? Two and a half million dollars.”

“You are kidding!”

Jackson whistled. “I wonder what makes her worth that.”

“She is beautiful,” Maeve said.

“Not as beautiful as y—”

“Maybe she has a special trick,” she said, placing finger quote in the air around “special trick.”

“More likely she fulfills a strange fetish or fantasy,” he said.

Maeve’s eyes caught his; she lifted her eyebrows. “What could that be? S & M? The world’s best blow job? What?”

Did she just say blow job? He had to concentrate not to cough up the water he just drank. He felt the heat rise to his face—and other parts of him.

“What’s wrong?” she said.

“I, ah, don’t want to talk about um, you know, blow jobs with you.”

She laughed. “Should I be insulted?”

As I promised, below are the links to other stops on the Book Blast. Please be sure to leave your e-mail address when you comment.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Arwhoooooo!!! Act Two...or Four, Actually

Welcome to the fourth book in the Granite Lake series, Wolf Tracks, featuring my favorite 'wolfie' TJ Lynus, and his coming of age story. You remember TJ; the sweet, handsome (and hot) younger brother of pack Alpha Keil. The slightly klutzy, but totally endearing and sexy man, who is so much more than he seems. It is the story of his meeting his mate, and the ironic twist that pops up when he discovers what her 'day job' is.

Score one for the underdog…er…wolf.

Granite Lake Wolves, Book 4

TJ Lynus is a legend in Granite Lake, both for his easygoing demeanor—and his clumsiness. His carefree acceptance of his lot vanishes, though, when his position as best man brings him face to face with someone he didn’t expect. His mate. His very human mate. Suddenly, one thing is crystal clear: if he intends to claim her, his usual laid-back attitude isn’t going to cut it.

After fulfilling her maid-of-honor duties, Pam Quinn has just enough time for a Yukon wilderness trip before returning south. The instant attraction between her and TJ tempts her to indulge in some Northern Delight, but when he drops the F-bomb—“forever”—she has second thoughts. In her world, true love is a fairy tale that seldom, if ever, comes true.

Okay, so maybe staging a kidnapping wasn't TJ’s best idea, but at least Pam has the good humor to agree to his deal. He’ll give her all the northern exposure she can stand—and she won’t break his kneecaps.
Now to convince her that fairy tales can remake her world—and that forever is worth fighting for.

By popular demand: Clumsy sidekick wolf grows up, sarcasm reigns, and the wilderness gets wilder. Includes hot nookie in places you expect—like a remote cabin—and places you don’t.

Vivian Arend’s Granite Lake Wolves series is that rare combination of romance, adventure, humor and screaming hot sex, all in one story. This is TJ’s story, and it is the perfect tale for him. TJ is the younger brother of the alpha of the Granite Lake Pack, and the one most likely to trip over his own feet. As a wolf, he is graceful and sure, but his human male is awkward and clumsy. My favorite description of TJ is that he’s like a beautiful Labrador puppy, all exuberance and energy, needing to grow into his massive paws. I love how he grows in this book, and gains the maturity to charm his mate. I have always had a soft spot for TJ, and it was good to see him grow into his promise of good things.

Pam is such a great mate for TJ. She is strong and independent, but she has a big heart and an open mind. The biggest joke in the story is Pam’s occupation: she works for the RCMP –as a dog trainer! I loved watching her hold her own against TJ, and she has a sassy way that just seems to charm everyone. Even when TJ “kidnaps” her for an adventure, she decides to make the best of the situation. And when these two are together, you can feel the heat rising between them. The relationship gets hot quickly, and just when you think it’s reached the peak, Ms Arend pushes the limits to heat it up even more.

I enjoyed seeing the rest of the Granite Lake pack, and getting a peek at what they had been up to, but this was TJ and Pam’s book, and it was worth the wait. I recommend this series to all the shifter fans that like some laughter with their romance. But wear something to protect your fingers-this one is a scorcher.