1/2/2012 - Just over 25000 words, but it is sitting on the back burner for now. Haven't had the time, or energy to work on it since all the upheaval over the summer-first the fire, and then the remodel because of the fire. I hope to finish it this year, once I find a few hours of time.

9/13/2010-Just over 21000 words and still going. Don't know if I will do much with it, but I'm having a ball with it.

6/25/2010- Up to 15,103 words, and it is really looking good. I think it will be about 35000 when finished.

5/31/2010-Over 7000 and still growing. I am starting to get excited.

5/31/2010-Made it past the 5200 word mark. For what started as a joke, a short story idea, this thing has gained a life of its own. I am fascinated by the process almost as much as the story unfolding almost on its own. I still haven't introduced the female lead, and I'm six chapters in. She just hasn't presented herself yet, but I hope to remedy that soon. I guess when she is ready, she will pop in for a visit. And although I know what my heroes are, I haven't introduced that either. It just hasn't come up yet in the storyline.

5/27/2010-Been a while since I updated. Truth be told, there was nothing to say. But the characters were screaming to be heard, and I was finally able to introduce the brother, and make some progress toward firming up the plot of my story. I made it to almost 4900 words, and I will spend this weekend bringing more to the story.

4/30/2010 - I passed 3000 words today. I have an idea where this is going, now. I never really got it when I read interviews, but they do talk to you (the characters) For instance when I tried to make my character average height, he insisted he was way over six feet tall, and refused to cooperate until I corrected that detail. Now his long lost brother, who hasn't shown up here yet, wants a book of his own. The worst of it is, I can see a path for him too.

4/28/2010 - Okay, I have decided to chart my progress on here as I get going. Since yesterday's "announcement" I have gone over the 2000 word mark. Since I had been at 451 for months, I consider this quite an achievement. I don't know if I will make my ultimate goal of 10,000 words, but Alex is yelling at me now, telling me to finish his story. And now a couple of his friends have joined him, saying they want their time to shine as well. What have I gotten myself into here? Maybe I should quit before I'm in too deep. Wait, I hear screaming in my head, telling me I can't stop now-it's Alex and the others And he just did the one thing guaranteed to keep me going-he dared me to finish. So if you ever see this post (and I doubt anyone will)I'm going to do it. Until next post, be good.

4/27/2010 - Okay, for those of you brave enough (or bored enough) to read what I'm posting, I want to announce that I have, finally, made some progress on starting my first original work. I have been saying for some time that I had an idea floating around in my head for a story of sorts. And I keep saying I'm going to work on it. And time goes by and I sit and say what if....Well, I have finally started it!!! Mini squeee for me. Not only have I started it, but as of today, I am over the one thousand word mark. Now to "real" writers that may not seem like much, but I am thrilled with where I am so far. I don't know what the future of this one is, but I am determined to finish it now. So here's to dreams and dreamers, and now I have joined their ranks. I will pop in from time to time (between posts for books and contests, and announcements for things) and let you know how it's going. Wish me luck, and cross your fingers.

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