About Me

I am a divorced mom of four "almost grown" adults. I love reading, and writing about what I read. When not "slaving away" at my EDJ for the State of Missouri, I can be found either reading, working on custom beaded and crystal jewelry, writing reviews, or working on my own WIP. No I'm not an author, but I wouldn't mind trying.

Life in St. Louis is crazy-you never know how to dress for the quick weather changes. In the course of a week, it may go from winter to spring to summer and back to winter. But there is lots to enjoy here-great museums, wonderful libraries and plenty of fun.

Music is a big part of my life, too. I've sung, solo and with several locals. Now it is my comfort and my inspiration. When I'm reading, anything works for background - when I write I listen to Celtic Thunder for mood. I love oldies-for me that is The Beatles, Warren Zevon and Simon and Garfunkel, to name just a few. I like some "contemporary" musicians as well - Keith Urban, Rob Thomas, Darius Rucker, and Michael Buble.

I am a "collector" as well. I collect books, St. Louis Blues (hockey) memorabilia, and anything about ancient Egypt, especially King Tut and that whole era. But my biggest love has got to be my dragons. I have them in all shapes and sizes, all compositions, and colors. My smallest is less than an inch high, and my largest is a stuffed red and purple dragon just over six feet long. I have ceramic, resin, china, blown glass, pewter and so much more. I believe they existed, because too many cultures have them in their history to be coincidence.