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Bringing on the Heat with a Touch of Grace R.G. Alexander

I have really been looking forward to today's featured author. When I want to read really hot and passionate romance, with characters I can believe in and like, few authors fill the bill as well as today's lady of the moment, R.G. Alexander. I have been a fan since first picking up one of her books, and have read every one several times.

Best-selling, award-winning romance author R.G. Alexander aka Rachel Grace has been called “a true storyteller” who creates “complex, humorous and heartbreaking characters” and vast and expansive worlds. She has written in the paranormal, sci-fi fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance genres for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, and Berkley Heat.

Since her first story released in February 2008, RG has penned over 23 stories, served on the board for the Passionate Ink Chapter of Romance Writers of America, is a current moderator for the award-winning writer’s forum Romance Divas, and has been on several character and world building panels at The Romantic Times Convention. She is a founding member of a successful group blog of erotic romance authors known as The Smutketeers, who graced the cover of RT Book Reviews in 2011, and were mentioned in a scholarly article for promoting positive feminine sexuality.

She has a appeared several times on Dissident Radio’s shows Breaking Taboos and Rebel Goddess.

RG Alexander’s books can be purchased here:


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Scrumptious as a cherry peach parfait…

or a sinfully kinky foursome.

Sometimes, there is no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. 

The popular cooking show, Brunch with Laura, is T.S. Larkin’s brainchild. Rather, it was. Because her boss couldn’t keep it in his pants, Truly’s unemployed and not sure what to do with herself. When a juicy tip leads her to the best-kept secret in Denver—three mouthwatering chefs whose restaurant image needs a makeover—her PR instincts start tingling. And her imagination simmers with private fantasies. Ever since the last woman he, Clay and Louis shared nearly ruined everything, Nate has worked hard to get things back in order. Truly’s ideas could rescue their business, but her non-stop curves, luscious lips and cherry-on-top hair are a sure-fire recipe for another disaster. But when the ingredients are right, the reaction is inevitable. A kiss in the walk-in explodes into a wild night of indulging Truly’s every sweet and spicy whim. She is the missing ingredient for the perfect foursome. Except Nate is suddenly not so sure he’s willing to let the others lick the spoon, much less share.

 Warning: Explicit sex, bisexual ménage, delicious recipes, sexy chefs who like to share. Threesomes, foursomes, kinky food tastings, excessive use of shower toys and more…


 Three chefs. Three gorgeous, mouth-watering men, two of them looking at her with interest. Not only were her PR senses tingling, but her body was as well. Her skin grew heated, and the cloth of her pants suddenly felt rough against her thighs. Constricting. Nate brought her back to reality with a roll of his eyes. “Down, boys. Ignore them, Ms. Larkin. The fumes from the kitchen have long since gone to their heads.” He turned to Robert, sounding impatient. “What brings you here, Bob?”“Destiny.” Robert beamed. “You three have a PR problem, and don’t deny it. You are some of the best chefs in your field, with the most interesting story, and let’s face it—the most sex appeal.” Truly silently agreed with that last part, but Robert wasn’t done. “This place should be packed to the rafters, people should be coming from all over the state to sample your culinary masterpieces.” He looked around. “Instead it’s the lunch hour, and we’re still the only customers in here.”Nate bristled. “It’s a slow day.”

“Not that slow.” The blond Louis grimaced ruefully. “He’s right, Nate, and you know it. And not only about our massive sex appeal.” He gave a wink to Truly. “You’re the one who’s always grumbling about the overhead. The Lord only knows we could use a paycheck every once in a while. I’d like to be able to afford to eat what I’m cooking, if ya know what I mean.”

Clay nodded in agreement, and Truly began to get that feeling. That burst of adrenaline that shot up her spine. An aha moment of mammoth proportions. She suddenly understood why Robert had hidden this place away. Why he’d brought her here.

They were her second chance. She could make these men famous. Make The Iron Horse a household name. They’d be bigger than Brunch with Laura. It would turn Clive into a big pile of pervy jealousy.

She loved it.

Robert saw her expression and slid an arm around her shoulders, squeezing affectionately. “I’ve brought the solution to all your problems. I’m not too shabby, but TS is the best. She’ll know just what to do to get you the exposure you need. She has all the contacts. All you have to do is put yourself in her capable hands, do exactly what she tells you to, and in two months time you’ll have more business than you know what to do with.”

Louis stepped closer to Truly, tilting his head coyly. “You don’t have to twist my arm. I’d be glad to put myself in her hands.”

Truly’s eyes widened. Why did that sound so tempting? She’d thought Clive’s continuous lewdness had turned her off the male species for life. She supposed her damp panties had something to do with it. Clive made her sick. Louis made her hot.

Business, Truly. This is business. Although she had to remind herself to give Robert a serious tongue lashing for limiting them to a two month deadline. “I appreciate that, Mr. Dumont. And I agree with Robert. Artists shouldn’t have to suffer for their art. And when they have the whole package? Well, the last thing they should do is hide it. I can help you. We can help you. If you’ll give us the chance.”

Nate crossed his arms, drawing her attention. “I’m not saying we need any help. In fact, if you’re thinking of turning The Iron Horse into some fancy black tie establishment, then we definitely aren’t interested. But even if we were, don’t you have a job? How would the television station feel about you doing freelance?”

The suspicion in his dark gaze made her shift uncomfortably. Rule number one: when interviewing for a new job, don’t let your potential employer know that your last employer fired you. No matter what the reason.

Obviously Robert hadn’t gotten the memo. “Her boss, Clive Garret, tried to put the moves on—”

Truly interrupted him with a glare. “Robert and I are currently free agents. You would be our first clients, but that means you’d get all our time, attention and not insignificant experience.” She pulled out a business card. “Most restaurants fail within the first three years because of bad marketing, bad food, bad location, etc. Your food is fantastic. Your faces alone would sell the place—but your marketing stinks. Talk it over, and get back to me if you’re interested.”

She handed Louis her card and turned to go. “Pay the men for a lovely meal, Robert. We have a lot to do.”

She’d reached the door when she felt a warm, rough hand grip her elbow. Nate. At his touch, electric desire crackled through her body like a living thing. Who knew her elbow was an erogenous zone? And what the hell was going on with her libido?

His expression was impossible to read, but she could have sworn she saw an answering spark in his eyes. Did he feel it too? The conflicting desire to hit or kiss? How could she be so attracted to such a grumpy, sullen man? “Lunch is on us, Ms. Larkin.” He opened the door. “So you don’t feel your time was entirely wasted.”

Hitting. She definitely felt like hitting him. His tone told her in no uncertain terms that she wouldn’t be hearing from them anytime soon. Damn Robert. Usually he read people better.

She forced a smile. “I never waste my time, Mr. Grange. And I never let anyone else waste it either.”

A thrill of elation followed her out the door, latching on to the small victory of having the last word. Her one success of the day. At least she’d had a good meal. A great one. She could really do wonders with those three. With the restaurant.

If only Nathaniel Grange wasn’t such an ass.

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Romance In (and Out) of Uniform-Lucy Felthouse

I graduated from the University of Derby in June 2006. My final year dissertation was on erotic literature; and how women’s roles in the genre have increased as social attitudes change.

I have written seriously since secondary school, but it wasn’t until the second year of my A Levels that I decided to go to University and study Creative Writing. It was in my first year at University of Derby that one of my friends persuaded me to have a go at writing erotic literature. So I wrote Sam & Katie which was based on my friend’s fantasy of having sex with his high school teacher. I took the completed piece into University and it went down incredibly well with all my friends that read it. I’ve never looked back.

I’ve written for various magazines and websites, and you can find a list of books I’ve appeared in on my Published Works page.

My hobbies and interests include; reading and writing, watching films, checking out other writers’ websites and blogs, spending time with friends and family; walking and camping. My greatest non-writing achievements to date are:

  • In May 2007 I did an eight-mile walk around Carsington Water in Derbyshire in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, I raised over £120.
  • Climbing Snowdon in June 2008. I raised £457 for the British Heart Foundation. The total amount raised by myself and my colleagues was just over £8,000!
  • In September 2009, I completed a Ladies’ Driving Challenge organised by Marie Curie Cancer Care. I raised £290.
  • In July 2010, I took part in the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK. I raised £332.
  • An anthology I edited, Uniform Behaviour, donates a portion of the proceeds to Help for Heroes.

Uniforms have always been fascinating: be it military, domestic or just plain frivolous, we love someone in uniform...and love them even more out of it!!!

Fantasy Assignment is a collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes. They are taken from Seriously Sexy 3.

Fantasy Assignment by Lucy Felthouse

She loves a man in uniform, so being sent to write a feature about life inan army camp leaves Charlene feeling all her Christmases have come at once. Her guide round the barracks is the very sexy Corporal Matt Stokes, and as soon as she sets eyes on him, Charlene can’t wait to see his privates on parade.

Paper Rose by J.S. Black

Police officers Ray Morecambe and Jenny White are on the hunt for a violent attacker whose calling card is a paper rose. Moira McCann, the latest victim, gratefully accepts Jenny’s offer to make sure she gets home safely from the police station. But McCann has ulterior motives for getting Jenny alone, and as he attempts to unravel the crime, Ray finds himself caught up in a dark,depraved sex game.

The Painter’s Palate by Joe Manx

Posing as a naked life model for an art class allows Julia to indulge her exhibitionistic side. Struggling artist George needs a model who will work for free, and Julia is only too happy to oblige. His unorthodox ideas on colour and technique introduce her to the sensuous world of body painting and prove there’s more than one use for a sable paintbrush.

The Examiner by Roger Frank Selby

The Examiner has travelled to planet Eden to bring back a new handmaiden for the Lord High Sevolian. He must see her naked and measure her body to make sure she fits Sevolian’s exacting requirements. Beautiful, intelligent Andromeda seems like the ideal candidate, but as the ritual progresses, the Examiner realises she’s too special to be handed over. Dare he break the rules and keep her for himself?

The Lady And The Highwayman by Charlotte Wickham

Defying her father, who longs for her to behave in a ladylike manner, LadyAmelia Farley goes riding alone in the countryside. She’s accosted by a dashing highwayman, who seems just as interested in her body as he is in her family fortune. Having experienced the best sex of her life, she never expects to see him again, but life has a way of throwing up surprises.

Available from
Amazon UK
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Barnes & Noble


Do you get all weak-kneed at the sight of a grubby fireman or a hunkysoldier? Perhaps immaculately-dressed waiting-on staff get you feeling frisky?If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Uniform Behaviour contains sixteen smutty stories about firemen, soldiers, sailors, police, security guards and even waiters, priests and cleaners!

Delve into this anthology and enjoy steamy stories from established erotica authors including Justine Elyot, Craig J Sorensen, Victoria Blisse, Shermaine Williams, Elizabeth Coldwell and Lucy Felthouse. As well as being written and compiled for your titillation, this anthology is also designed to do good. A portion of the proceeds from Uniform Behaviour will be donated to UK charity Help for Heroes,which helps those wounded in current conflict.

The stories in this anthology have been hand-picked by a uniform aficionado,so you can rest assured that only the sexiest erotic fiction lies in this book.

Excerpt from Just Couldn’t Wait, Lucy's story in Uniform Behaviour

Carla was pissed off. She’d made an awful lot of effort for this event, and it was totally bombing. As a freelance journalist, you never know when you’ll need a favour, so Carla had dressed up and attended in order to keep everyone happy. The evening was the launch of some perfume or another – it was basically an excuse for a glitzy party and some networking. Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t doing anything for Carla, networking or otherwise.

Hell, the party was posh enough. There was plenty of food and drink to go around, but the company sucked. All the fun people clearly had better things to do this evening. Which is why Carla was displaying behaviour most unlike her; she was being a wallflower. There were hardly any people around that she knew,and the ones she did know, she didn’t particularly like.

Lurking in the corner, she observed. Not that there was much to look at. Bores chatting amongst themselves, bouncy PR girls talking up the product, stuffing samples into pockets and handbags, and waiters whizzing around with trays of champagne.

I need to get me some of that, thought Carla. Some bubbles might make the evening go more quickly.

She sidled out of her corner and moved towards the centre of the room, ready to snag a glass from the next tray that zipped past. Seconds later, a waiter headed in her direction. However, by the time the contents of his tray were in grabbing distance, Carla had forgotten all about the champagne.

The guy was gorgeous. How on earth had she not noticed him before? The evening would have been much more interesting had she had some eye candy to perv on. And this fella was definitely eye candy. Boxes of it, in fact.

Reaching across to claim her flute of bubbles, Carla took the opportunity to study the waiter more closely. She reckoned he was around the same age as her.He was tall; incredibly tall, actually. Six foot four or so, Carla guessed. He towered over her, even though she wore heels. He had dark hair, roughly chin length and clearly with a mind of its own. A cute snub nose and big baby blues simply added to the vision of gorgeousness before her. And that was before taking his attire into consideration.

Carla had never really thought about it before, but she decided there andthen that waiters’ get-ups were hot. They were just so prim and proper-looking,with their pristine white shirts, natty bow ties and sharp creases. It was also what it represented – polite society and good behaviour. Carla immediately wanted to corrupt him. She was sure he was no angel, despite his current persona, but still – in a uniform like that, she could pretend.

Thanking the waiter for her drink and treating him to a broad smile and a dash of the come-to-bed eyes, Carla retreated to her corner. Presently, as the alcohol did its work and her imagination got fired up, Carla decided the only way to alleviate the boredom of the evening would be to make some entertainment of her own. And that included the mighty fine waiter, she surmised. Yes, it was time for some corruption.
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Lucy's story, Passing Out Passion, appears in this military-themed anthology.

The only thing stronger than the call of duty is the call of desire! This anthology of military erotic romance serves up a team of hot-blooded men (and women) from every branch of the military who serve their country and follow their hearts wherever they might be stationed. When the mission is done, the unit is recalled or the ship pulls into port, they set their sights on a new target—the pursuit of passion and love. In and out of uniform, stateside and abroad, these military warriors meet passion and danger head on. All’s fair in love and war—in and out of uniform. Edited and with stories by Kristina Wright,wife of a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, Duty and Desire includes stories of U.S.soldiers, sailors, aviators, Marines and Special Forces (Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and many more.) Uniforms have never been sexier!

Available from:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Barnes & Noble

Lucy will be giving away a $5.00 gift card to ARe to one winner.

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Get Revved Up with Crystal Jordan


Crystal Jordan is part of the marvelously smutty Smutketeers, along with fellow authors Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin, Robin L. Rotham and the incomparable R.G. Alexander/Rachel Grace. Enjoy the excerpts, and comment away.

Book Summary for All Revved Up

There’s nothing Andi Manning doesn’t know about cars. Working at Kasen’s Kustom Automotive is a dream job, and it’s even more fun now that they’ve turned the garage into Revved Up, a reality television show for overhauling classic cars. Watching drop-dead gorgeous Dean Kasen work his magic on those sweet rides is no hardship, either. She’s lusted after him, but never had the courage to act on her scorching hot fantasies.

The network offers Dean the chance for the local show to go national as long as a sexy bombshell helps host it. Andi is perfect for the role—if she’s willing to discard her coveralls and bend over engines in tight shorts, tank top and heels. Now that she’s gone from cute coworker to sexpot, Dean can’t keep his hands off of her. But Dean feels guilty for sleeping with an employee and Andi has to wonder…the only time they spend together is for sex, so is it her he wants, or just the revved up goddess of the show?

Book Summary for All Tangled Up

Jesse Kasen has been working for years to turn Kasen’s Kustom Automotive into a force to be reckoned with. The show Revved Up was the first step in making them a national sensation. Classic car owners from all over the world are now flocking to their garage to have them work their magic in customizing those beauties. It took some strong-arming to get his cousin and business partner, Dean, on board, but Jesse is pretty damn proud of what they’ve accomplished.

The only fly in his ointment is Lola Adams, the new executive producer the network has foisted off on them. The little Georgia peach is a blonde bombshell that has “high maintenance” written all over her. From the look of her, she slept her way into this job, and he has no time to babysit someone who doesn’t know one end of a wrench from the other. She’s a distraction he doesn’t need, and it’s a damn shame that all he can think about when she’s around is what she’d look like all tangled up in his sheets.
Lola might use her sexuality to get what she wants, but if she has to have men falling at her feet and drooling all over her shoes, she might as well get something out of it, right? But don’t let her girlie clothes and slow southern drawl fool you, she’s as savvy as they come, and she convinced the network to get her hands on Revved Up because her uncle used to race in NASCAR and taught her everything there was to know about cars. She has the experience to work with the Kasen cousins, but they assume her sexy exterior covers an empty interior. She should be used to it, but with Jesse, it gets to her in a way it hasn’t in years. Damn him, and damn her attraction for him.

Jesse sees only one solution to their problem–burn off this frustrating attraction in the sack and get on with business. Lola agrees because she has to know what it’s like to touch him, just once, but she wants it discreet. The last thing she needs is for the guys in the garage to leer at her any more than they already do. Jesse suggests meeting at his cabin in the mountains and making good use of a long weekend off. He’s going to pull out all the stops, and bring every naughty toy in his arsenal, to really make the most of the experience.
Only problem is, when all’s said and done, they find out they have a lot more in common than just scorching chemistry, and they actually like each other. Maybe even more than just like. Jesse doesn’t want to give Lola up, but a lifetime of fighting to be taken seriously leaves her leery of agreeing to an open, permanent relationship with someone on a show she produces. Hell, until a few days before, Jesse didn’t take her seriously. He has his work cut out for him if he’s going to convince her what they have is too good to walk away from, because now that he’s had her, he can’t imagine a life without her.

Book Summary for All Fired Up

Firefighter Taylor Vance knows all about being a woman in a man’s world. It’s one of the reasons she’s been best friends with Andi Manning for years–they totally get each other. But now Andi’s gone over to the dark side and is getting married. Even worse, she wants Taylor as her maid of honor and stuffs her into a dress. She hasn’t shown this much skin in public since…ever. Oh, hell. The only comfort she has is that she can’t possibly know that many people at the party besides Andi and her groom, Dean Kasen. No one she knows will see her this way.

Of course, she had no idea fellow firefighter Shane Roarke would be a guest at the wedding. It turns out he’s a big fan of Dean’s reality show Revved Up, and his classic Camaro was one of the first cars they overhauled on national TV. He’s been hitting on her since the first time he subbed in at her firehouse, despite her no-shagging-other-firefighters rule. Thank God they don’t actually work together, but she can only imagine what he’s going to tell her co-workers about seeing her tarted up for the wedding. If he shows them pictures, she’s never going to live this one down–they’ll be teasing her until the end of time.

Shane’s been trying to get Taylor’s attention for damn near forever. He hasn’t had to work this hard in his entire life, and sadly, that’s part of the attraction. Taylor’s different than any other woman he’s ever met. She has him all fired up over her, and he wants to get his hands on her smokin’ hot body. He sees his opportunity at his buddy Dean’s wedding, and he takes it. If Taylor agrees to date him for a full month, he won’t tell a soul about her painted-on dress, and he sure as hell won’t share photos with anyone. No, he wants her all for himself.

Taylor doesn’t have a choice but to break her rule for Shane, but a month of orgasms on tap have her rethinking why she’d refused him in the first place. Dating a guy who understands her so well, who knows why her work is so important to her, can’t be such a bad thing, can it? But when lust turns to love, she finds out just how serious Shane is. This is a fire that’s going to burn for the rest of their lives.


Crystal is giving away one lucky winner both On the Prowl and Prowl the Night books in either print or pdf.

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Something to Crowe About: Liz Crowe that is!


The best car I ever owned was probably the second Mustang I bought back in 2000. It was a ’56 convertible, white, with a nearly pristine interior. The engine was shot, so I ended up replacing it which cost nearly as much as the damn car. But man it was sweet. I kept it for nearly ten years, when I caught the Stingray bug or something overnight. Laugh if you will about male menopause or whatever but when I saw one at the Detroit Auto Show that year, which I never miss, no matter how much snow we get in January, I was hooked.

As impractical as the Mustang was, the damn Stingray is worse—only two seats, gas sucking, loud and obnoxious—and I f%$#ing love it. Still do. It may be because I associate it so closely with a summer that totally changed my life, but whatever. I’ll never let it go.

There was a time when I had to haul clients around so for that I like the Lincoln Navigator. It’s like an Escalade only a bit less obnoxious. Since my job now doesn’t bring me in direct tough with buyers or sellers I traded it in for a Ford Flex to haul the family around.

We’re coming up on my absolute favorite time of year: football and soccer season. I have season tickets for both Michigan and State although my blood runs Sparty green.  My favorite MLS team right now are the Red Bulls in Chicago although they made some questionable trades in my personal opinion. I pay an embarrassing amount of money to have all of the possible soccer channels in my cable package. I’m obsessed with it—and am pretty damn excited about the expansion league. It’s well funded, with teams planned for some perfect cities that got skipped over for the bigger league.

And yeah, I’m a Dom. Or to put a finer point on it, I know how to make my partner ecstatic, physically and emotionally, at least when we’re playing. I dabbled in the BDSM thing in law school, and got burned by a woman I assumed took our Dom/sub relationship as seriously as I did. I was wrong. So I’ll admit I stopped playing for several years, keeping it mostly vanilla but that did not keep me from having fun.  I love women—love how they taste, sound, look and mostly I love how I can make them feel.

But when I met … her… it all kind of came roaring back—the need to control and be responsible for another person’s emotional and physical happiness. It’s been a tough re adjustment for us both. But damn I love how responsive she is to some of the harder core stuff I like. I know better than to think that I’m “in control” of her outside the playroom. We don’t live the lifestyle 24/7—that is not practical with a woman like her and I think that is why I may, actually, love her.  And of course, as anyone who has actually taken the relationship to the next level knows, once family is part of the picture, the whole “mom and dad playroom” thing is sort of on hold. We keep it hot, visit clubs and take one vacation a year on our own to a resort that is set up just the way we like it.  Anyone who claims you can parade around as “Dom/sub” all the time is deluded in my opinion.

Who Am I?
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Sugar Walls Book Blurb Blitz

Today, My Odd Little World is participating in the Book Blurb Blitz Tour for Mysti Holiday's hot new release, Sugar Walls. this is a contemporary erotic short, available from The Wild Rose Press (Wilder Roses) as of August 24, and Mysti will be awarding one random commenter during the Blast a $10 Amazon GC. I will post links to the other blogs at the end of this post. Now, on with the Blitz!

Mysti Holiday is the pseudonym of a very busy SAHM who dreams of warm climes and hot bodies.  Most people know she writes, but not what she writes about:  sexy men and the wanton women who love them.

She's married to a wonderful man who happily sacrifices himself for research, and she spends most of her days dreaming of interesting and unusual situations in which to place her characters.  But most of all, she's a sucker for a happy ending.



Sugar Walls Blurb:

When Emilie is dumped by her boyfriend, best friend Jack Voss offers a shoulder and a place to live--the other side of his duplex. He’s always there, fixing her problems, her car, her sink. Emilie doesn’t know what she’d do without him, or with the feelings she’s having for him. His shoulder doesn’t just offer comfort anymore; his touch is a turn-on. Their shared wall is the only thing keeping them from sharing a bedroom—and fanning the flames might risk breaking something that Jack can’t fix.
This  sounds like a scorcher already!
Excerpt from Sugar Walls
A glance back down at the man who was driving her crazy nearly made her moan. He shifted, his ass moved and his thighs flexed as he crawled forward a few inches. The denim of his worn jeans hugged him as tightly as Em dreamed of doing and, before she had time to think about it, she took a step Forward, hands outstretched to snatch hold of the prize. She stopped herself just in time and tucked her hands behind her back to keep from doing something stupid.
“So, Jack?” Her voice was tight with desire and discomfort.
“Hmm?” He peeked at her over one shoulder, a smile in those midnight blue eyes, then quickly returned his attention to the pipe.
“Almost done?” She hoped so, because at this rate, she’d come just from thinking about him.
“Nearly there. Leak’s almost plugged.”
I’ve got a leak you can plug. Her panties soaked with more cream than any one woman should have when she envisioned him plunging into her, filling her pussy with his hard cock. Heat rushed up her neck, and her heart pounded so loudly, surely he could hear it. Dear God. She tried to picture herself in a cold shower to kill some of the heat but cursed again when he joined her there in her mind and slid soapy hands over her damp skin, across her breasts, and down her—
 “There.” His voice jolted her out of the hot daydream, and she jumped an inch off the floor. He backed out from the cupboard and turned to smile at her. “All fixed.”
Fanning myself already, with just that peek! Looks like I'm going to be making a quick trip over to Wilder Roses for some shopping come payday.
Be sure to leave your e-mail address when you comment, and follow the blitz today with the rest of the blogs!

Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Week Three-Jamie Davenport Gets It Started

Welcome to Week three of the Sweet, Sexy Scorching Blog Hop. We have some great excerpts coming your way, from some of my favorites. This week's line-up will include Jamie Davenport, Liz Crowe, Crystal Jordan, Lucy Felthouse, and the inimitable R.G. Alexander. So Sit, stay and visit, and enjoy the heat provided. But first, an announcement from our fearless leaders, Taryn, Dawn and Kelly.
Thank you to all the readers, authors and bloggers who have followed the hop and participated this week! Please make sure you stop back next week too. There will be another week full of winners and you can enter the grand prize again.
 Winners for week two of the Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Giveaway Hop-
Carol L. (from My Secret Romance) is Lisa Renee Jones' winner of candle and ebook/paperback
Allie (from Close Encounters with the Night Kind) is Jayne Rylon's winner of Red Light District series
Mel Bourne (from Swept Away) is Cristal Ryder's winner of Hot Fusion
Shannon from (from House of Millar) and Joanne B. (from Black Ravens Erotic Cafe) are Cari Quinn's winners of $5.00 gift cards
Maria D. (from My Little Odd World) is Leah Braemel's winner of choice of ebook from backlist
Winners, please send an email to so she can get your prizes off to you.
Now, back to our regularly scheduled hotness!!
Here is something just a bit different for you: a deleted scene from Jami's book Fourth and Goal the prize she is offering
From Chapter 22—Tripped Up
 Derek Ramsey was all talk. Mitch should have known better. Of course, the wide receiver had faked cooperation in front of Rachel. He wanted to get in her pants. Shit, the asshole already was in her pants. Who the hell was he kidding?
He clenched his fists at the thought of the jerk using his sister like that. No way did his little sister know the score. She was too inexperienced with guys. She believed she controlled the situation and would get Ramsey to spill his guts eventually. Mitch figured the only thing spilled would be his sister’s heart, pureed and dumped on the sidewalk.
When two weeks passed and no Derek, he debated on asking Rachel but decided to keep his mouth shut. If Derek needed to be reminded, to hell with him. The Jacks had won two more games, and Derek had been outstanding. Most likely the attention was going to his head, and not for the first time.
Mitch glanced at Ryan, slumped in his wheelchair on the field, while his team spilled onto the field for practice. The kid faded a little more every day. Last week, he’d stood on the sidelines and watched the team practice for minutes at a time before he needed to sit. This week, he had a hell of a time walking from the locker room to the field. He’d been forced to use a wheelchair at times, like today. Mitch swallowed a huge lump in his throat and swiped a hand across his face. His face ached from the iron control he exercised over his expression. Be strong, he told himself, for Ryan and for the team.
Shit, he’d beg the asshole to see the kid if it’dp ut a smile on Ryan’s gaunt face.
At least he hadn’t told Ryan that Ramsey might visit. Not good to get their hopes up for nothing. His coaches knew about his conversation with the Jacks’ star wide receiver, but no one else.
Mike, his buddy and defensive coach, patted him on the back as the boys went through their warm-up routine led by Ryan, the honorary team captain, from his wheelchair. “Hey, at least you tried.” Mike always read his mind.
“Yeah, I did.” He still felt like crap, even with his team decimating every opponent in sight.
“He’s busy. They’re big news right now.”
“Too big to mess with a high school kid who’s nobody to him.”
“You don’t know what kind of pressure he’s under. The Jacks are looking good. They’re the hottest thing in town. Everyone wants a piece of him. Kids like Ryan are lined up around the Northwest to meet him. A guy can’t do it all, no matter where his heart is.”
“Yeah, I really wanted to do something for Ryan.He’s such a trooper.”
Mitch stalked to the edge of the field and concentrated on his kids. Undefeated, the press favored them to win a state championship even without Ryan under center. Regardless of their former quarterback’s absence on the field, he’d been with them every step of the way, practice and games. His hawk eyes never missed a play, and he analyzed a game as well as any adult. The team dedicated their season to Ryan.
Mike followed him to the sidelines. “We’ve got a big one this Friday.”
As if Mitch didn’t know that. The biggest game of the season so far, two undefeated teams battling it for a spot at the top. Mitch nodded to his assistant, still distracted.
Mike read him as well as he read opposing team’s offenses. “Why don’t you ask your sister? She might be able to put some pressure on Ramsey.”
“I might do that.” Mitch frowned as Mike looked past him, distracted by something.
His friend’s eyes grew big and a slow smile crossed his face.
“Holy shit.” Mike nudged him and pointed toward the edge of the football field. “I don’t think you’ll need your sister’s help after all.”
Mitch turned his head, following Mike’s gaze.“Well, I’ll be damned.” Relief unwound some of the tightness in his body.
Derek Ramsey stood inside the gate surrounding the field, a duffel bag swung over one broad shoulder. Casually dressed in jeans, running shoes, and a Jacks pullover sweatshirt. He looked every bit the professional athlete he was, and Mitch was damned happy to see him.
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Lisa Renee Jones goes Tall, Dark and Deadly

That's what I'm talking about-give me Tall, Dark and Deadly every time! Rounding out week two with Lisa Renee Jones.

Book Summary for Secrets Exposed (Tall Dark & Deadly #0.5)

Her enemy is her passion, her passion is her enemy… Lindsey Paxton was once the number one defense attorney in New York. She fought for those who were innocent, but charged. Her instincts were her lifeline, never failing her, as they guided her in her choices of who to defend. Or so she thought. Until she won a case she would forever wish to have lost. Her client, an accused rapist, kills and rapes a woman only a day after being set free. Destroyed by her role in the woman’s death, Lindsey blames her father’s controlling ways for what she has become, and runs from her career and life. Years later – the past becomes the present . . . Her father has cancer, and Lindsey is forced to leave her career with the Washington branch of the FBI. She finds herself facing the responsibility of running her father’s law firm with the reluctant help of hotshot attorney Mark Reeves, a man who sparks her temper while also managing to tempt her heart. With his help she finds herself fighting the emotional battles of the past, tempted to trust both him and her instincts. Now, faced with a case inherited from her father so similar to her career-ending one, she now must decide if her instincts will lead her down the path to saving an innocent man or setting free another killer. But while she fights her own battles, someone watches, wanting from the past what he had failed to get the first time . . . Lindsey.

Book Summary for Hot Secrets (Tall Dark & Deadly #1)

THE HERO: Royce Walker—the oldest Walker brother and a former FBI Negotiator. The silent type, Royce urges others to talk, having learned there are far more rewards from listening than running his mouth. When he does speak, he doesn’t hold back, his opinions made readily available. He can be abrupt and tough, overbearing even. But none of this stops women from seeing the appeal of his rock hard six-foot-three frame and long, dark hair.

Royce Walker, a former FBI Agent, who’s opened a private security firm with his brothers, has always had the hots for the prim, proper Assistant District Attorney, but considered her hand’s off because of a family connection. However, when danger threatens Lauren, he isn’t willing to stand by and watch her get hurt. Now the passion for survival is only rivaled by the passion burning between them. And that passion, might just be the death of them both.

Book Summary for Dangerous Secrets (Tall Dark & Deadly #2)

THE HERO: Luke Walker—the middle Walker brother and a former Navy SEAL. He is the chameleon, able to get along with anyone, able to fit in anywhere. Growing up as the middle brother, Luke was always the one who kept peace between siblings, instinctively knowing how to calm tension. When he joined the Navy SEALS, he found his steady, easy going, personality a tool under pressure. He liked the structure within the SEALS, the way the team resembled the family unit he once had been with his brothers and parents. Soon Luke became a leader, not just a fighter for the SEALS, but an injury stole his career and forced him to rethink his future. He took the change in stride, just as he does life. Now he’s home, playing mediator to his brothers again, and loving every minute of it. Still, he clings to his SEALS roots, and he’s more conservative than his brothers, very regimented. He wears his hair short and keeps his workouts intense. He is ready and waiting for the next place life will take him.
Being a divorce attorney for the rich and famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Julie Harrison has learned that love doesn’t last, and she’s sworn never to make the same mistakes as her mother, or her clients. She uses the games men play to keep them at a distance. The only man who managed to break down her walls was Luke Walker, a Navy SEAL who loved her and left her, and changed her forever. When Luke arrives back in New York, running Walker Security with his brothers and having left his Navy SEAL days behind, he sets his sights on Julie, the woman he’s always wanted and couldn’t have. Except, she runs from him every time he gets close. But now, one of Julie’s clients, a powerful judge, gets involved with a dangerous cartel, and his soon-to-be-ex wife ends up dead. Julie’s next on the list, and she finds herself on the run from those who believe she knows too much, and counting on Luke to keep her alive. In the deepest, darkest moments of the night, passion will bring them together while danger threatens to tear them apart. Can Julie and Luke trust each other and find their happy ending before they find … the end?
Book Summary for Beneath the Secrets (Tall, Dark & Deadly #3)

RELEASING October 15

THE HERO: Blake Walker—the youngest Walker brother and a former ATF agent. He grew up resenting Royce’s way of always taking control. As a teen, he felt Royce always shined above everyone else, and he silently competed against him, then rebelled. Blake developed a love for fast cars and faster women. Later, he turned his attention to danger and intrigue. Joining the ATF, he prided himself in doing what no one else could. But when a woman—another agent—finally stole his heart, he was ready to settle down. Then she died, killed during a mission. He resigned from the ATF, left his career behind him, but not his desire for revenge against the criminal who killed his woman. Working with his brothers now is well timed. It gives him time to find his target, to find his revenge, to decide his next move. But one thing is for sure. His revenge will come.

Lisa Renee Jones is giving away a large rose scented Yankee Candle that smells so good and a copy of any of her ebooks or a print copy of her new Blaze FOLLOW MY LEAD -- readers choice to one person.

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