Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rhymes with Foreplay - PG Forte

Waiting for the Big One

Book One of the L.A. Love Lessons series

Gabby Brown refuses to consider her best friend Derek for the role of soul mate because she fears sex will ruin their friendship.

When she meets Zach, she’s convinced that he could be The One. But, Derek has ideas of his own, and they don’t include sharing Gabby with anybody.

Love from A to Z

Book Two of the L.A. Love Lessons series

Total amnesia is not what Richie Valenzuela had planned on when he drugged his cousin. A few missing hours, which could easily be blamed on April’s having had too much to drink, was all he was aiming for. And he certainly never expected the reclusive heiress to slip out the club’s back door with the sexy guitarist she’d been making eyes at all night.

Zach Harris is sure the girl he’d picked up the night before had told him her name was Angel. Too bad she didn’t tell him anything more about herself, because, this morning, it’s not just him she can’t remember, she doesn’t even know her own name!

What April views as a problem, however, Zach sees as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; a chance for her to discover who she really is. Not her name or her address, but the important stuff. Her personality. Her likes and dislikes. Her preferences—in and out of bed.

Let Me Count the Ways

Book Three of the L.A. Love Lessons series

As the owner of The Body Electric, LA’s hottest new exercise studio, sexy, former film star Claire Calhoun has her pick of studly young men eager to do her bidding. Small wonder she’s used to calling the shots, both in and out of bed. But everything changes the night the actress-turned-entrepreneur has one mojito too many at a party and decides it would be fun to pick up her accountant, Mike Sherman. She's thinking fling. He's thinking forever.

Claire has been Mike's fantasy since the first time he saw her bare it all for the camera. Now, she's in his bed and he'll do whatever’s necessary to keep her there. But he's not a stalker, right? He's just a devoted fan.

PG will be giving away either a copy of Edge of Heaven or any LA Love Lesson books, winner’s choice, plus a set of Romance Trading Cards.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the LA Love Lesson's series - I'm adding it to my buy list - sounds like a fun series. Thanks for the giveaway

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  2. I haven't read anything by PG yet. This series sounds fantastic. I put it on my wishlist.


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