Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last Call Europe: Classy Bitch

Last Call Europe:Classy Bitch by Lacey Savage
Changeling Press

Being summoned home to be married is the last thing Vito Moretti expects. But before he can convince his father that he's not about to be chained down to any woman -- especially one he's never met -- Vito swings by Last Call for one more night of pure, unapologetic pleasure.

Margot LeFevre has a duty to uphold, and a mission to fulfill. And nothing would jeopardize both quicker than ordering a drink from Last Call's exotic menu. Still, she can't help but wonder what it would be like to be someone different, just for one night. Someone sexy, someone alluring, someone free to give in to the need for pleasure and pain that simmers inside her.

Lucky for her, she's about to find out.

Classy Bitch: Whore in designer clothing, ripe for the taking.

Last Call, the bar where paranormals can go to relax and forget for a while. And the “special” menu can give what the heart desires. Margot LeFevre has a duty to her pack, one she has prepared most of her life for. To provide security for her pack, she is to marry the heir to the Synai throne, uniting the packs and strengthening both. In the middle of a battlefield, fresh from defeating a winged serpent leader, Vito Moretti receives a six-word message from his father: “Come home. You are to be married.” Margot has kept her desires hidden deeply, knowing she must fulfill her duty, but she can’t resist one evening of wishful thinking at Last Call. She isn’t really interested in a drink, but three fairy godmothers take the decision from her, ordering for her: One Classy Bitch: Whore in designer clothing, ripe for the taking. She is hustled out of the bar to a room where she is bespelled until the right man shows up. Enter Vito, looking for nothing more that one last night of unrestrained sexual fury. Will Margot get what she longs for so desperately-unrestrained passion and fulfillment? Will Vito find a woman able to accept all that he is in bed as well as out? Can they walk away from what they experience at Last Call to face their duty to the packs?

Margot is a member of the Royal Pack of Neveere, trained as a diplomat and prepared for her fate as future mate to the heir to the Synai throne. But she has hidden desires and she is ashamed of these feelings. She knows she is different from the other women of her pack, and wants to experience passion for herself at least once. She is smart, strong and determined to do what is required, even when she believes she is marrying someone who will never accept her as she is. Vito knows he must do his duty and marry the chosen woman and unite the packs, but he also knows that no woman can accept his full passion without injury. He is a strong, handsome and skilled lover, one who must give all when he makes love. I loved the tricks that the three fairy godmothers must use to get these two together and there is one ironic twist at the end that is fantastic. As with all the Last Call books, the sex here is hot and intense, and Margot and Vito raise the bar to a whole new level in this one. I recommend this to those who love irony, and be warned, this is not for the faint of heart.

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