Monday, July 26, 2010

A New Sierra Dafoe Book-At Last!!!! Life's A Beach Now Out at Changeling Press

Life's A Beach

Sierra Dafoe

Changeling Press

Life's a bitch, so far as beautiful biochemist Lily McKinney is concerned. You work hard, and then you die. And even if you do find a man to fall in love with, he breaks your heart. Now she's determined to discover the biochemical causes of that sticky, confusing emotion called love -- so she can make sure she never has to feel it again.

But when she's shipped off unwillingly to Myrtle Beach for three weeks' vacation, Lily learns she knows even less about life -- and love -- than she thought, as the carnal attentions of two handsome strangers teach her that not even the world's greatest scientists can unravel the mysteries of the human heart.

First off, I want to say-Welcome Back, Sierra!!! And what a way to return! This is a fantastic and fun book-a short but extremely HOT read. I love the character development here. Just when you think Lily will get three weeks of peace, quiet and much needed relaxation, what should happen but the appearance at her borrowed Myrtle Beach hideaway of not one, but two amazing men. And the way she first sees them goes way beyond hot, believe me. What could be hotter than secretly spying on  an Adonis of a man swimming naked, you ask? Why, watching two sinfully hot guys, both naked, swimming in the moonlight and pleasuring each other in the pool. This is enough to recommend the book in itself, but when these two gang up to give Lily more pleasure than she has ever felt, the heat goes through the roof.

I love Lily. She has been burned, and isn't looking to repeat the process. Her life is devoted to finding a scientific explanation for "love" and all that it entails, and after two years, she is so tense and uptight, she is ready to snap. I enjoyed watching her finally let loose on her forced vacation. I fell in love with Alec and Tyler: Alec for his humor and spontaneity, and Tyler for his sensitive and caring side that was finally able to break through to Lily.

This is the perfect summer short read, and I made the mistake of reading it at work on my lunch break. It was wonderful, but scenes kept drifiting through my head the rest of the day, distracting me: on second thought that is a very good thing.

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  1. Nancy, thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed Life's a Beach -- and thanks for the welcome! It's good to be back :-)

    -- Sierra