Friday, December 14, 2012

Four For Christmas redux

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Four For Christmas
R. G. Alexander
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Everyone knows I adore R. G. Alexander's writing, and this time of year, I love to enjoy holiday stories. So what could be better than a hot tale for the season, and all told with R. G.'s wit and smutty joy for life? And even better, Four for Christmas is going to be FREE for the next five days, starting today!!! So if you haven't had a chance to read it, now's the time to grab a copy. And she has a new Christmas story out this year, part of a three book set from R.G. and fellow Smutketeers Eden Bradley and Robin L. Rotham. Look for Marley in Chains (R.G.), Getting Scrooged (Eden) and Not So Tiny Tim (Robin) at an ebook seller near you. 

Dreaming of a White Christmas led her straight into their arms…

In this holiday spin off of the bestselling novella Three For Me? Saving a man in a snowstorm leads Georgia Bale to an isolated cabin, where three men have an important promise to keep. A promise Georgia soon becomes caught up in herself.

She just wanted to survive Christmas, and her bad holiday karma. She had no idea that accepting a friend’s invitation to Colorado would lead her to her perfect man. Times three.

What does an eccentric writer do when a compassionate doctor, a dominant police officer, and a handsome adrenaline junkie only have eyes for her?
Use her imagination.

But when the storm clears, she’ll have to decide which path to take. The way back home, or the road less traveled.

Warning: A bit of heart tugging, excessive use of imagination, role playing (the dirty kind), foursomes, holiday magic, a guardian angel or two… and the kinky use of holiday themed beverages.

Around this time of year, I like to read holiday themed romances to bring out my holiday spirit and get into the mood to celebrate. When R.G. asked for folks to review her Christmas story, I jumped at the chance, since I love her work, and knew I be in for a treat. What I didn't expect was the amount of emotion this one brought out in me. R.G. grabbed my heart and tugged on all those pesky heartstrings, making me laugh, cry and sigh at the antics and emotions of her characters. I love these people-Chris, James and Flynn are all delectable, and a woman would be lucky to win one of them. But Georgia, that lucky girl, wins the hearts of all three, and the road to true love is never bumpier than it is here.

When Georgia decides to visit old friend Connie in the Colorado Mountains, she has no idea what awaits her, and is positive her Christmas curse has struck again when she gets a flat tire on the side of the road in a blizzard. When her dog, Roux, finds a gorgeous hunk unconscious in the woods, Georgia comes to the rescue. Then Patrolman Jimmy rescues them all, and takes Georgia back to the cabin he and his brothers live in to make sure she is okay. When Doc tells her she is snowed in with them, things start to really get interesting.
Because this is R.G., I expected the hot and sexy action, but there was a soft and spiritual undertone of something, or someone, working behind the scenes to bring these four wounded souls together, and that is where the tears and sighs come in. I could not put this down once I got started, and I used a fair amount of tissues along the way. But, in case you think this is a sad story, get that thought out of your head. This is hot, and sweet, and totally uninhibited in places, and I promise you won't soon forget the folks in this charming and sexy story.

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Disclaimer: This review originally posted at my 'other' blog last year, so it is not new, but the sentiment behind it is still true.


  1. I just re-read it to and the ending made me teary just like it did last year when I read it. I love this story!