Monday, February 11, 2013

Take a Cruise on the Wolf Line

Tomorrow marks the release of Vivian Arend's sixth book in the Granite Lake Wolves series, Wolf Nip, over at Samhain Publishing. Today, I want to take a look at book five, Wolf Line, as it is one near and dear to my heart. No, it doesn't include my favorite wolf, TJ, but it does mark the book where Ms. Vivian added me (sort of) to the Granite Lake Pack. I feel honored by her inclusion, and will uphold the pack and its members faithfully. Even if I don't get furry at any time, deep in my heart the wolf still howls. Arwhoooooo!!!!

First, a blurb for Wolf Line, then I'll tell you what I thought.

Into the best-laid plans a little chaos must fall…

Granite Lake Wolves, Book 5

Jared’s not sure how his quiet morning coffee near the harbour ended with him on a cruise ship impersonating one of his pack mates. Well, it might have something to do with a woman, but who can blame him? The female of the species was made to love, and he’s more than willing to share his considerable skills in that area. Especially since he figures the chances of meeting his own one-and-only are slim.

Keri Smith is positive the last-minute recruit sneaking aboard the Arctic Wolf Cruise Lines tour is her mate. Ix-nay on confirming that, though, at least for the next ten days. She’s promised her best friend to be overall troubleshooter for the shifter-only cruise. Getting tangled up in mating lust would reduce her skills to nil. Avoidance of the sexy wolf for the duration of the cruise, followed by jumping his bones, seems the logical solution.

But when libidos are on the line, “logic” and “wolves” don’t go together. Throw in suspicions of wrongdoing, and these two virtual strangers will need a lot more than luck to find their way through to forever.

Product Warnings
Really? You need to be warned about the hot nookie and sarcasm? Yeah, it’s in here. Also colourful cat shifters, lupine royalty, and wild adventures in cabins like you’ve never seen before. 

As I said earlier, this one is very special to me. Having said that, it is time to give you my honest opinion of Wolf Line.

Wolf Line is a whirlwind of fun and activity, set on a shifter only cruise ship. I loved that Vivian came up with a way for the supernatural beings, be they wolves, cats or other shifters, to let loose and be comfortable while relaxing in either form. This one is filled with Ms. Arend's signature humor, but she has added a few twists of mystery here. And there is also some chaos, a side of confusion, and a bit of a revelation or maybe even two.

Jared is such a fun character, convinced that he will never meet his mate, due to a physical 'disability' of sorts, and spends his life romancing every available female he can. This is what finds him posing as one of his pack mates on board the luxury cruise ship, and his timing in trying to avoid getting caught by the brothers of his latest 'date'. 

Keri is a real sweetheart, and completely confused. She is positive that 'Mark', the new maintenance worker, is her mate, but he doesn't seem to recognize her as such. I like Keri's determination to get through the ten day cruise before solving the puzzle, and her frustration when she can't stop the mating hormones from kicking in. 

When Jared finally discovers that Keri is that most elusive creature, his mate, he is ecstatic, but realizes there are a couple of really big problems ahead...he has been a bit less than honest with everyone about who he really is, and then of course, Keri thinks he is 'Mark, the maintenance guy'. As he finally reveals the truth to Keri, they still need to solve a few other mysteries on the cruise, Keri needs to keep her friend Tessa from completely losing it, and Jared has to figure out how to come clean with his pack Alpha.

There is a lot of laughter in this one, along with some screaming hot and sexy passion between Jared and Keri. I enjoyed seeing some of my old friends here, even though it was just a brief appearance at the beginning and the end of this one. I will say that this may be the most fun I had while fully dressed and alone, and I do want to warn you, you may end up laughing till you cry with Jared and Keri.



  1. Good review! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's new release in this series from Vivian!

  2. Loved it! Excited to download my preordered Wolf Nip soon!

  3. I just started loving shifters so thank you so much for teaching me about the Granite Lake Wolves!! Hot nookie and sarcasm? Color me there!! Thanks for sharing!!