Monday, July 15, 2013

'Eye Spy' A Blurb Blitz Tour

Today's post is a Blurb Blitz for Eye Spy, a Comedic Romantic Suspense/Chick lit Mystery by Jenna Mattison from Rochester Books. There is no interview or blog post, but I am posting the blurb, an excerpt and a bio of Jenna. Jenna will be awarding one random commenter at each tour stop a digital copy of Eye Spy, so I will post the complete tour itinerary for more chances for commenters to enter. Please leave your e-mail address when you comment.

Mattison started her career in Chicago appearing on television and radio.  She founded founded Cheshire Smile Productions, bringing to life and penning her first feature film FISH WITHOUT A BICYCLE, a festival winning coming of age comedy which was directed by Brian Austin Green.   “Fish” is now available on Netflix. Mattison also wrote Cheshire’s second release THE THIRD WISH now available at Blockbuster and distributed by the Hallmark Channel.

Lionsgate’s FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY, based on a true story of Jewish gangsters set in the 1970’s starring James Caan, Paul Sorvino, Edward Furlong and Jeffrey Tambor was also produced and written by Mattison.   Most recently Jenna has written a TV movie called COMMITTED, which wrapped production this spring to premiere on television this fall. Her novel The Tree Of Jesse is a romantic religious thriller and will be released this spring, available worldwide. Mattison next novel is Eye Spy the first in a comedic romantic suspense series available this summer. 

Blurb for Eye Spy

When Liza Radley realizes it’s cheatin’ season and no self-respecting detective’s gonna spy on her husband for the $800 and change she has hidden in a plastic soap dish, she does what any normal transplanted Georgia Peach would do--she becomes a private eye. While downing her fourth maple-glazed curbside, Liza discovers “Eye Spy”, a shop for the self-motivated sleuth in the heart of Boston. Inspiration strikes and she enters the world of Jack Parella, the owner/operator who talks like Humphrey Bogart but with a Southie accent and is more than willing to train Liza in the ways of amateur sleuthing, while simultaneously infuriating and titillating her. Though Liza starts the journey intending to rebuild her crumbling suburban life, she finds herself thrust into a fiery mystery as head of "Crimes of the Heart Detective Agency" with Parella by her side. Thus our dynamic duo is primed for their next adventure.

Excerpt from Eye Spy

The inner office is a cross between 1960s and shabby chic…minus the chic. At least the chairs are adult-sized. I plop down in a puke-green vinyl number across from Auggie as he sizes me up.
“So what’s the story?”
“My friends think my husband’s cheating on me.”
“’Tis the season. It’s like this every fall.” He says with a grin, fingers steepled, not even bothering to mask his glee.
“Good to know. Anyway, he’s not though, cheating that is.”
“Well how come your friends think he is?”
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?”
“ I didn’t stick around to find out.”
Auggie chuckles. “Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.”
We lock eyes. “Anyway, I just need solid proof, like pictures or something…just to prove them wrong, you know.”
“You’re here to prove your husband’s not cheating on you?”
I fidget nervously as he eyes me with a cocked brow. “I know that probably sounds weird, but yes, that’s it.”
“Yeah. I gotcha. That’ll be five grand.”
Gulp. I have about eight hundred and change in a plastic travel soap dish tucked behind my sock drawer for a rainy day.
“Five thousand dollars?”
“Plus expenses, of course.”
“Wow, I just didn’t expect...I didn’t know it would be so much.”
“Well, this is a professional operation we run here,” he says, gesturing to the yellowing wallpaper and dilapidated furniture as Dianara’s booming voice filters in from the waiting room.                    
“Fucking fuck, this goddamn printer!!”
Auggie rolls his eyes. “Pardon D, she’s got a touch of the Tourette’s.”

When they describe this as comedic, they aren't kidding. I can't wait to get a copy of this, it sounds like lots of fun.


  1. Thanks for hosting Nancy, I would love to gift you an Ebook! JR Mattison

  2. This sounds like a really interesting book! Thanks for the spotlight