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Today's post is a Virtual Excerpt Tour for Morningstar - Cy'ren Rising, Book 2 by Robyn Bachar, an Erotic Sci-Fi Romance available now from Samhain Publishing. As an excerpt tour, there is no interview or guest blog, but I will post an author bio, a blurb and an excerpt for you. I will also post the participating blogs for the tour. Robyn will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

****For a limited time, Book 1 of the series, Nightfall, is available free at select online e-book stores, and I will provide those links as well.****

Robyn Bachar enjoys writing stories with soul mates, swords, spaceships, vampires, and gratuitous violence against the kitchen sink. Her paranormal romance Bad Witch series, historical paranormal romance series Bad Witch: The Emily Chronicles, and spicy space opera romance trilogy Cy’ren Rising are available from Samhain Publishing. Her books have finaled in PRISM Contest for Published Authors, the Passionate Plume Contest, and twice in the EPIC eBook Awards.

As a gamer, Robyn has spent many hours rolling dice, playing rock-paper-scissors, and slaying creatures in mmorpgs.









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Blurb for Morningstar

Desire is an addiction that could destroy them all.

The second son.

Lieutenant Commander Jace Harrow is the second son of House Morningstar—the spare, not the heir. Armored with an arrogant mask, Jace keeps the world at arm’s length to protect those around him from becoming targets for his bloodthirsty brother.

The broken sword.

Lieutenant Bryn Viera was a shadow sword and a decorated officer, dedicated to protecting her people. But for the past five years she has lived as a slave and has the scars to prove it. Bryn vowed to escape or die trying—until she met Sabine.

The slave.

Born into slavery, Sabine never expected to fall in love. Her feelings for Bryn sparked her desire for a new life, but now Sabine is in phase, consumed by the need to mate with a male. Her dream of freedom with Bryn is on the brink of destruction, for to deny the phase means death.

Thrown together by the unforgiving demands of the phase, they must unite to save Cyprena’s people from a deadly new bioweapon—or be destroyed by the scars of their pasts.

Warning: Contains an arrogant officer with a weakness for having his hair pulled, an insatiable empath, and a badass warrior woman who form a male-female-female threesome sizzling enough to melt your shields.

Excerpt from Morningstar

“This is the main utility building. We’ll have to manually override the lock.”

Ramsay stepped forward. “I’m on it.”

The tech pulled the access panel off in search of the override mechanism.

“Keep your eyes open. The Eppes might have left surprises for us,” Jace warned. Slavers often left dangerous devices behind in their abandoned bases to discourage other groups from moving in. The team chorused acknowledgments as Ramsay pulled a lever and the door lurched open. Soth entered first, switching on the searchlights mounted on his helmet and rifle to aid visibility.

“The generator control room is on sub-level two,” Ramsay said.

A sigh hissed across the comm. “We’re going to have to manually open every door on the way there, aren’t we?” Soth asked.

“Yes sir,” Ramsay replied.

Jace bit back his own sigh. “Better get moving then.”

The eerie silence frayed his nerves, and his anxiety increased with each door the group stopped at. Where were the colonists? Why had the Eppes evacuated the personnel but left everything else behind? A few cannon blasts from orbit would have leveled a colony this small.

A sudden rifle blast startled him—Bryn had fired, and her target dropped at the end of the hallway they had just traversed.

“Hold your fire,” Soth ordered. The shadow sword approached the target, a human male dressed in plain coveralls. “He’s unarmed. Civilian.”

Jace’s jaw clenched. This was Bryn’s first field mission since her return to duty, and she’d fired on a non-combatant. Clearly he’d been wrong to trust that she could handle it.

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