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Suzanne Rock's 'Unholy Pursuits'

Thank you to those that stopped in for Suzanne Rock's visit. The winner of the book I'm giving away (thanks to RANDOM.ORG) is I will send you a gc from Ellora's Cave to buy this one.

I want to welcome Suzanne Rock to My Odd Little World. Suzanne has a new release out, Unholy Pursuits, and she is giving one commenter the chance at a download of one book from her backlist. And, as always, I will buy a copy of Unholy Pursuits for one commenter on this post. Before we head to the interview, here is a bit about Suzanne.

After over a decade in the scientific world, Suzanne needed a creative outlet. She tried scrap booking, cooking, crocheting, painting, and piano, none of which held her interest for very long. Then one of her friends suggested writing. Thrilled with the idea of creating her own worlds, she opened up her lap top and never looked back.

When Suzanne’s not writing, she can be found playing with her two daughters, testing her husband’s latest kitchen creations, or curled up with her favorite romance novel in her central Massachusetts home.


Book Video: 

What is the best thing about being a writer? The worst?

I love creating stories in my head and getting them down on paper. The euphoria a writer gets when finally finishing a manuscript is one of the best feelings in the world.
At times, the rejection and wait times can wear you down. That’s why it’s important during times like these to have good writer friends who understand what you are going through.

What fuels you as an author to continue to write?

The fans, definitely. I love hearing from readers! When someone sends me an email telling me they liked a particular character or story, it makes my day. J

If you could share one major writing tip, to help other writers in their quest for publication, what would it be?

Don’t ever give up. My newest release, Unholy Pursuits, is a testament to perseverance. This story was one of the first manuscripts that I had ever written. It started out as a novella and was rejected by all of the major epublishers at the time, including Elloras Cave. Frustrated, I buried it deep on my hard drive, determined that it would never see the light of day again.

Fast forward two years later.

I had six books under my belt, all with different publishers, but the characters of this story, remained in the back of my mind. Darien in particular wanted me to give him a second chance. When I had a break in between novels, I decided to pull out my old, dusty novella to see if I couldn’t breathe new life into the story.

It was tough. I had learned a lot about my craft in two years, and realized how poorly the story was written. I was determined, however. My “quick polish” soon became extensive rewriting. Many late nights and cups of coffee later, Unholy Pursuits emerged in the form that you see it today.

I love these characters like they are my own children, and I’m excited that they found a good home at the Cave.  It’s my hope that as you read this story, you grow to love Darien, Arianne and their world as much as I do.

If you could write in any other genre what would it be, and why?

Romantic Suspense. I’m actually working on a mainstream romantic suspense right now and getting it ready for publication. I’ve had many people tell me that my paranormals contain a lot of suspense so it seems like a natural next step for my writing.

Where can we find out more about you and your work?

You can learn more at my website: There you can sign up for my newsletter in the right side bar. This quarterly mailing not only gives you the latest information about my work, but provides behind the scenes tid-bits on the making of my stories. In each issue, I pick one random subscriber to win a prize. This might be a book, a gift card, or some author swag.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?

Plotter. I’ve tried Pantsing, but the story and characters wander all over the place, lacking goals and motivation. I find that if I plot everything out first, I can keep everything on track. J

Do you listen to music while writing? If so what?

No, I don’t listen to music. I find it too distracting. I end up singing instead of writing. J

Can you tell us a bit about what book(s) you have coming out next and what you’re working on now?

Unholy Pursuits is the first story in a brand new series from Ellora’s Cave. If you like demons and fairies and hot headed FBI agents, then you’ll love this new, dark BDSM series.

The portal between earth and hell are guarded by an ancient, mystical race, called the Iatros. These fairy-like creatures protect humans from the creatures of the underworld by preventing their passage to Earth. For years they have worked in secret, until a demon lord finds a way to neutralize their powers and strengthen his own. He uses this new-found magic to form a relic called the demon stone and uses it to gain access to Earth.

The Iatros are unable to fight the strengthening demons on their own, and in desperation recruit the paranormal investigation unit of the FBI to help. This unit, lead by the sexy and egotistical Darien Lange, belittle the Iatros‘ powers and believe that they can defeat the demons on their own.

In the first story, Unholy Pursuit, Darien charms one of the guardians of the portal, a young Iatros named Arianne, and gains access into hell. There things don’t go as planned and the team is captured. After months of captivity some of them escape, but the demon taint is on their soul, and as a result they have an increasing need for sex and violence. Only becoming an Iatros spirit mate can stop their slow transformation into creatures of the underworld, but doing so would admit that they need help, and then they would become bound to one of the mystical creatures forever. How the team manages to escape hell, remove the taint, and combat the demons is the basis for this series.

Right now I’m doing the final edits on Whispers, my historical ménage ghost story that is due out at Loose Id on November 22nd. Here’s the blurb:

Rose is skeptical when Lady Denville hires her to take care of some ghosts in her townhouse. She expects to find a nest of rats or leaky water pipes. Instead she finds two sexy spirits intent on fulfilling her every sexual desire. They introduce her to a whole new world of pleasure — and a curse that may destroy them all.

Lionel and Jonathan have been trapped in the townhouse for decades, waiting. When Rose walks in, they know that she is the one with the power to save them. The key to their freedom lies within reach, and both men must put aside their differences if they ever hope to break the curse that binds them to the townhouse. As the men set out to seduce Rose and gain their freedom, their sexual desire turns into something more. Now they must be honest with the woman they love, or stay imprisoned in the spirit world forever.

Which season do you prefer? Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

Fall is my favorite. I’m a New England girl, and love the fall here. I enjoy the cooler weather and the leaves changing color on the trees. Fall also means apple-picking, an activity that I love to do with my kids.

When you get a chance to read, what books do you love to read?

I read anything. I tend to go in waves with the genres I read. I just got finished reading a bunch of Historical Romances. Right now I’m working on some lighter paranormal books.

What bores you as a reader?

One-dimensional plots, cardboard characters, or stories that seem to have a lot of gratuitous sex.

What do you think is romantic? What does the word Romance mean to you?

I think that two people who have toughed it out and have been together for a long time is very romantic. Sure, flowers, chocolates and grand gestures are great, but it’s the little stuff, how a couple endures over the long-haul that fascinates me. In this day and age, it seems to be a rare thing.

Who would you go out on a date with if you could?

My husband, lol. I know, I know, not very exciting. After having kids, it seems like we don’t ever have enough “together” time. I really look forward to those rare moments when we get to spend time together and do something fun.

You’re having a dinner party, what five people would you invite?

Oh, I don’t know. Five people who know how to have fun. After a full day of writing I want to kick back and relax rather than have a serious conversation. ;)

Do you have an interesting quirk?

I’m a coffee addict. I love both the taste and smell of coffee. I prefer bitter over sweet, and take it only with milk. While I enjoy an occasional latte or interesting flavor, there’s nothing that tops a good old fashioned strong cup of coffee.

Random  (silly) Questions

Aliens have landed on the planet. What are the three things you would tell them that are great about this planet?

1)     The coffee is wonderful
2)     The books are even better
3)     If you ever get a chance to meet someone who writes stories, then do it. Writers are fascinating people. ;)

If you could create your own drink what would go in it and what would you call it?

I’d call it the “Nutty Writer.” It would be a cup of very strong coffee with a shot of frangelico. Whipped cream and shaved chocolate would be on top. ;)

You’ve been given the honor of naming a planet, what would you name it?

I. Ownit

If you were in a rock band what would the name of your band be? What would your rocker name be?

The Rock Band would be called “Up all Night” and I’d be Hellova Parti

If your life were turned into a cartoon, what cartoon character would you want playing you?

I’d like Cheetara to play me (Thundercats). I like that she is not only considered beautiful, but isn’t afraid to kick some ass. ;)

Now for a bit about Unholy Pursuits

 Darien let his guard down once, and Arianne stole the demon stone from under his nose. Now he has to get it back, no matter what the cost. It doesn’t matter that the feisty redhead calms the voices in his head, or that her body tempts him beyond reason. Only the stone will ensure his survival. He decides to appeal to her feminine side and use gentle seduction to get it back. As he begins, something inside him changes, and the voices in his head compel him to use pain to heighten desire.

As Darien’s touch turns dark, Arianne’s lust escalates, and a connection forms between them. Yet despite her need, she can’t let the sexy FBI agent have what he wants. If placed in the wrong hands, the stone would release an unholy force intent on destroying everything she loves—including him.


He peered around the rock, searching for any signs of life. The forest was completely still. Even the insects and small animals knew it was safer indoors.

Still, Bathin and his deamhans didn’t see them sprint from the tree to the rock. That had to be worth something.

After a moment he turned back and sat on the ground next to her. “I don’t think they saw us.”

Ari pressed her lips together, forming a thin line. “Good.” She started to stand but his firm grip pulled her back to the ground.

“Will you stop already? I’m not a sack of potatoes to be thrown around —”

The kiss was meant to quiet her, nothing more. He didn’t want her to draw attention to them and ruin any chance they had of escape.

But when his lips touched hers, when he drank her gasp and tasted her sweetness, something rippled through him, something dark and possessive. Darien pulled her into his lap and wrapped his arms around her like a vice. He wanted to consume her, drown in her floral scent. The inner darkness panted like a wild animal in his mind. Mine.

A chorus of voices howled in his head in response. Desire surged through his veins, leaving him hot and needy. His cock swelled, and his abdomen tightened. He had the sudden urge to rip off her robe and throw this tall, slender woman to the ground. He wanted to free his aching cock and sink into her softness, to drive himself into her body again and again until he lost himself in a world of pleasure…

What was happening to him? He had to get control of his emotions. This wasn’t the time or the place to take her, he knew that, and yet, he couldn’t seem to convince his inner darkness to let her go.

He could feel the rise in her libido, just as surely as he felt the rise in his own. His darkness was fueling them both, and if he wasn’t careful, they were going to become lost in another vortex of pleasure and power.

Ari placed her hands on his chest, heedless of the danger they were in. He fought his urges, but her fresh, floral aroma coaxed him into a haze of lust and pleasure. She tilted her head, allowing him to deepen the kiss. He ran his tongue along hers, reveling in the soft, sweet taste of her mouth. Need soared through his body, making him hard all over. His cock swelled even more, pressing painfully against his zipper in response.

Enough. He scolded his inner deamhan and forced himself to pull away. He felt a hollow ache, but knew that this was for the best. There would be plenty of time later to explore her beautiful body, and the strange connection they shared.

“That’s better,” he said in an effort to cover his surging libido. “Now stay quiet"

I want to thank Suzanne Rock for being here today. Please leave a comment to be entered for a chance at a book from her backlist, as well as for a copy of Unholy Pursuit from me. Be sure to leave your email address in your post to be considered for the giveaway here. My winner will, as always, be chosen using RANDOM.ORG, the random number generator.


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