Monday, January 17, 2011

Raven Books-Not Your Average Bookstore-It's Much More

In order to promote Raven Books, home of Mandy M. Roth and Michelle Pillow among others, they are hosting a massive giveaway of gift cards, books, book downloads, and whatever else crosses their gloriously devious minds! (A brief announcement from their blog, with link, is below.)

Raven’s Recession Gift Card Giveaway!Raven’s Recession Gift Card Giveaway!

We know times are tight. We’re feeling the pinch too. We also know that the first things to be cut from most household budgets are the luxuries like book buying. Often we have contests that features free downloads or paperbacks (yes, we’re including those in this too) but we thought it would be nice to do more—to help ease the pinch as best we could. Our solution, a massive gift card giveaway contest. We’re giving away thousands of dollars worth of these people over the next few months! This will run through June 2011 (unless it’s a huge hit then of course we’ll extend it).

A taste of what they offer is also here-
These are new for January-but you can swing by the site for more to look at.

The Unexpected
Rory Michaels

Best friends since childhood, Perry and Sean know each other’s deep dark secrets. The people of Macon Valley whisper of their deviant sexual ways—the fact they like kink and enjoy sharing women. But the town doesn’t understand they’re looking for that one perfect woman to fill the void in their hearts. They understand they’ll be sharing her both in and out of the bedroom and they’re fine with that. Trouble is the woman they’ve selected isn’t so sure she’s ready for both of them. Can they sway her heart and her mind?

Captive Of the Deep A Lords of the Abyss Book
Michelle M. Pillow
Merman Rigel the Hunter has prayed for an end to his people's curse. Immortality has come with a high price--loneliness. When a beautiful human female--Lyra Harne--is thrown into the ocean, her fate is in his hands. Unable to deny her, he saves her, but at what cost? Living in the lost city of Atlantes, women are rare and this sexy mortal is more than this hard up warrior can resist.

Is the beauty Rigel saves a gift from the gods? Or just another part of their curse? Temptation and desire are no match for fate, and the truth of Lyra’s shipwreck just might prove too much for this underwater affair.

Dance of Souls A Ghost Cat Book
Mandy M. Roth

Some dances are downright deadly.

Mason Blackwolf doesn’t want much out of life. He’s easy going. He’s alpha of his pack of werewolves, best friends with a shape shifting cougar and the great-grandson of a powerful Native American Shaman. A normal day for him consists of dealing with inter-pack politics, seducing beautiful women and then, if he’s lucky, relaxing and not thinking about much beyond that. When it becomes clear his grandfather has sent him on a wild goose chase, Mason stops at a roadside bar for a beer. He gets more than he’s bargained for when a tall, sexy blonde enters the establishment. She catches not only his eye but the wolf’s attention as well. She’s also off limits. In a big way. To Mason, it’s simply another layer that adds to her appeal. She’s a temptation he doesn’t want to resist and if he has his way, she’ll be thoroughly claimed before the night is out.

Again, stop over at The Raven Books, and see what they have to offer.

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