Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Night Critters A Collection by Lena Austin and Tuesday Richards

Night Critters: A Collection

Lena Austin & Tuesday Richards

Changeling Press

The Thornburn Pack was normal, once. Normal for werewolves, anyway.

Then they began to fall in love with mixed breeds like a Chuskie (half Husky, half Chihuahua – don’t ask how), a fiery Goth half-angel, a foo-dog/dragon, and an angry fairy with a shotgun.

Life -- and love -- has never been this hilarious.

The world has definitely changed. Humans are in the minority since the great plagues of 2010, and paranormal beings are a recognized part of society. The strongest, richest and most powerful pack in America is the Thornburn Pack, and at one time they were considered normal, at least for shifters. But when they started meeting their mates, all bets are off. The stories in the Night Critters collection follow five of the Thornburn pack on their personal journeys to true love. So I suggest you sit back, relax and prepare for lots of laughter and screaming hot sex to fill the night.

Must Love Dogs Corbin Thornburn is tired of being chased by the females in the pack. He wants to be loved for himself, not because he is “heir to the throne” of the Thornburn pack. So he registers as human on a computer-dating site, and hooks up with Roni Engleman, a mixed breed were-dog. This is Romeo and Juliet for the furry set, and these two are perfectly matched.

Faux Paws Lucky Thornburn is a faux paws, shifter born, but he can’t shift. When he meets Charmaine Merrill, a Goth Nephylum, he’s smitten. When he finds that she is in need of his expertise in the construction field, he calls in some favors to help her out. When he discovers that this quirky winged do-gooder is his mate, and thus his only chance to ever shift, he decides he’s in for the long haul, even if it means thwarting his brother’s business plans.

Paws to Heal It’s time to heal the breach between the Thornburn and Engleman packs once and for all. Duke Thornburn and Eduardo Engleman were college friends, and Katiena was the one thing they shared back then. To unite the packs, these three join together just like in the old days, bringing together hybrids of many breeds and forging a new alliance.

Bad Fur Day Staci Thornburn is a logical, no nonsense journalist, trying to get an exclusive interview with the new Chinese UNESCO ambassador. She is the granddaughter of Roni Thornburn, and is part Nephylum, part were-dog and all skeptic. When she tells the ambassador she doesn’t believe in luck, he places a curse on her, because he is a Foo Dog/dragon hybrid, and a minor luck god. Who knew this could create an international incident that nearly led to death sentences for both.

Santa Paws JR Thornburn is trying very hard to break out of his mold of planning every bit of life with lists and charts. His sister in law tells him to be more impulsive, so he dresses as Santa to deliver toys and gifts to the orphanage founded by her. He thinks he will be alone, so he didn’t expect to be facing a loaded weapon, in the hands of an angry wood fairy. Phaedra Hates JR for what he did to her and her family, but when he explains that he is trying to make amends for his past, she senses his sincerity, and she also senses something else-he may be the man who ruined her home, but he’s also the hottest thing she’s ever seen. Just the kind of Christmas present she’s always wanted.

These five stories have a few things in common. Wonderful characters, lots of humor, and loads of scorching hot sex in all kinds of places, with all sorts of beings. Threaded through all of them is the feel of family that comes from the Thornburn and Engleman packs. This is a great one for those times when you want hot reading mixed with laughter.

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