Monday, October 4, 2010

Do Over by Mari Carr Romance Done Perfect

Do Over

Mari Carr

Carina Press

October 4, 2010

As her twenty-fifth anniversary approaches, Faith is caught up in the onset of empty nest syndrome, seeing both of her children off to college. She isn’t unhappy, but she feels like something is changing, and she isn’t sure yet if it is a good type of change. A visit to her home town with her husband seems to be an okay idea, but she isn’t prepared for the week-end that her loving husband Troy has set up to celebrate their lives together. Faith never knew that beneath the surface, her man was what every woman dreams of, and she finds out how much more there is to her man.

Mari Carr has written a beautiful and touching love story. Actually, it is a reaffirmation of a love that touches the soul of the reader and brings an emotional reaction to each and every occasion this couple reclaim to strengthen a love that was already beautiful to behold.

Ms Carr has a talent for creating characters that are real and three-dimensional. Troy and Faith are the couple next door, the best friends you knew back in high school, and the couple you most wanted to be like. This is not some flash in the pan quickie romance, and they are people who have been down the road of rough breaks, and came out stronger for it. I loved that they aren’t perfect: Faith admits she isn’t the slim size eight she had been when they married, and Troy shows his age as well. But these are real people, with real emotions and feelings, and I loved the honesty and caring that they shared.

The surprises the Troy has planned to show Faith his deep and abiding love are such thoughtful and caring ones. You can see that these are well thought out, drawing on memories of shared events, and that makes them all the more special to see. With a man like Troy beside her, it looks like Faith will get a happily ever after that will last for both of their lifetimes.

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